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Social Responsibility
        In the last century, the development plundering of the natural resources brought a well-developed modern civilization. But now, these natural resources are facing the danger of depletion; At the same time, due to socio-economic uneven development, a variety of natural disasters regional disparities are still expanding. Therefore, the sustainable development of society is more and more important, which includes not only the balance of environmental protection and economic development, but also poverty eradication, disaster reduction, wiping off the digital gap and so on.
        In order to protect our precious natural resources, Cetron is trying hard to become an industry leader in environmental protection in the transmission network. We will put energy-saving actions into our daily workflow, and promote the use of recycled paper to help protect forest resources and reduce the pollution of producing paper. Now, Cetron is trying to provide the whole society with innovative communication solutions that help people in different parts to get access to the information society more easily, and actively fulfill our corporate citizenship (CR), committed to long-term socio-economic and environmental sustainability. 
        We will uphold the integrity of culture, give full play to the modern enterprise of civic values, strict compliance with corporate civic virtue, where the faithful to follow the law of the country, anti-dumping, anti-monopoly, create a harmonious business environment, and actively promote a harmonious business environment.
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