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Cloud computing business model behind the changes
        When multiple suppliers and multiple customers when the transaction took place, both sides often have to bear the high transaction costs, this often leads to a high value of the intermediary business appear in the "discovery profit zone," a book, the author its called a business model that reduces the cost of buyers and sellers (including money to pay and mental and physical troubles.
        In our lives, this business model is common. Traditional industries in the retail store, bank, various stores and real estate agents belong to this model. In addition, many e-commerce companies such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba is the successful practice of the model.
At present, this business model is gradually infiltrated into the field of telecommunications. 
        I think that this new business model can be divided into HaaS, SaaS and cloud computing three.
Business model HaaS
        Apple is undoubtedly the most attention in recent years, one of the companies, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, these products have become the talk of the people.
One can not ignore the fact that these products are combined with the iTunes Store can be said that there is no iTunes store does not have these products successfully. 
        iTunes Store is a virtual supermarket, the goods which is music, film, video, podcast, applications and other digital content. Like supermarkets, Apple sold more than iPod, iPhone and other hardware, also provides a digital content distribution channels or retail outlets, that Apple offers a service that provides hardware + iTunes store services
mode is called HaaS (Hardware as a Service, Hardware as a Service) model. 
        Coincidentally, Apple is not alone who HaaS business model, Amazon also offers the Kindle Store, so that users download e-books, newspapers, magazines, blog and other digital content. In addition, Amazon launched Amazon Web Services AWS (Amazon Web Services) is also rented out their IT infrastructure, so that other companies do not spend money to buy or build data center server, just hire the Amazon The IT infrastructure can be.
Similarly with Amazon, EMC, IBM, HP, Dell and other IT hardware production has the advantage of leasing companies IT infrastructure. 
        This was the industry will provide IT infrastructure HaaS business model known as cloud computing (Cloud Computing). About cloud computing, the industry has no precise definition, from the service characteristics, the cloud and water, electricity, gas, is a way to provide computing infrastructure services. For example, a family adds an air conditioner, he will not consider the need for additional power plants generating units, the direct use of air conditioners; cloud computing services is similar to the users of the service, do not have to consider whether the service
cloud computing infrastructure providers need to increase investment.
The SaaS business model
        In addition to HaaS, the industry will be SaaS (Software as a Service, Software as a Service) business model is also being incorporated into cloud computing. SaaS is a software services available via the Internet business model, companies will deploy a unified application software on the server, the user can according to their actual needs, the necessary order to the vendor via the Internet application software services, according to the number and order of service
the length of time to pay vendors. 
        As a result, users no longer need to purchase software, and offered to the rental provider, and the need for software maintenance, software service providers will have full management and maintenance. 
ISP not only supplies Internet applications, but also provides software for offline operation and local data storage, allowing users anywhere can use Qi Dinggou software and services. 
        In this business model, users no longer need to spend a lot like the traditional model where investment for hardware, software and personnel, while only spending a certain rental services through the Internet will be able to enjoy the appropriate hardware, software and maintenance services
enjoy the right to use the software and be able to continue to upgrade, this is the most effective network applications business model. 
        Software into a service, like Google's understanding of cloud computing: computing as the family's water, electricity, gas, as has become ubiquitous, used only to pay, do not use it without payment, with no personal or business software
and hardware, the only online service to use the software. 
        In the SaaS business model, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft and other companies have started to move and provide this service.
HaaS, SaaS and cloud computing relationship
        In fact, I think, HaaS does not mean cloud computing and SaaS, but they will inevitably transition to cloud computing. From the time of speaking, SaaS earlier than the emergence of cloud computing, SaaS can be said that since the representative of the company was established in 1999, Salesforce time, SaaS will subsequently appear. The HaaS is the 2005 launch of Amazon Web Services Amazon AWS before being widely accepted by the public.
I believe that the rapid spread of the Internet, making SaaS and HaaS find the momentum of development, the final transition to cloud computing. 
        HaaS business model is the core hardware + software and hardware to provide services to the carrier, while the software provides a specific service, such as the location of navigation, GPS devices is the carrier, GPS provides navigation software, the two are inseparable; SaaS business model is the core software + internet, from the traditional software licensing software into online software, online services via the Internet. The cloud computing to the end user is concerned, is to serve. The service behind the software and hardware, but also the end user does not care about the reach of the hardware and software, the user is exposed to the service. HaaS and SaaS in the early stages may not need to cloud computing, the traditional data center can be used as its infrastructure.
With the expansion of HaaS and SaaS service or the user's mass growth, simply expanding the data center will become no longer economic, this time the cloud is the solution that can significantly reduce the infrastructure, including applications and hardware investments.
New business models for the impact of IT and CT 
The impact of IT
        HaaS, SaaS and cloud computing is not only a technical term, but also a new business model, they appear, affect all areas of the IT industry. 
        First, the PC-centric computing will shift to Internet-centric computing.
Internet will become ubiquitous, not only appeared on the PC, will also be on the phone, smart mobile devices such as terminals appear. 
        Secondly, the PC-centric applications and software will shift to Internet-centric SaaS.
SaaS will be everywhere, not just on the PC can use the service, but also in mobile phones, intelligent terminals and other mobile terminals to use the service. 
        Again, the hardware and software-driven business model, will also transition to HaaS, SaaS, cloud computing-driven business model. 
        IT industry gradually transition from a desktop computing to Internet-centric cloud computing, IT services will also be turned to cloud services.
Existing IT hardware and software industry will have to follow this trend, and change the existing business model, through the establishment of the Internet as the center of the cloud services model to be earned. 
        The company has a cloud computing center will become a virtual supermarket of cloud computing, cloud computing services via the Internet to provide the necessary applications and computing power, while the other is not cloud computing platform, the IT software and services will gradually decline and eventually disappear.
The impact of CT
        Although HaaS, SaaS and cloud computing first in the IT field, but its influence is the CT start. 
        We see, IT as an open system, its development is very fast, the penetration of the field of CT is one of its development path. Although the integration of ICT IT and CT are not fully come, but CT industry profits are gradually transferred to the IT field. For telecom operators, traditional walled gardens (walled garden) and gradually more and more "guests" invasion, the guests not to bring the traditional voice value-added services, but a business and or services unrelated to telecommunications
, they just need telecommunications operators to provide wireless connection, that telecom operators gradually reduced to Wu Xian broadband "channel" provider, but most of the profits of these value-added services were these "guests" away. 
        In fact, the telecom operators, especially mobile operators to allow other industries to its involvement, it is better to provide these services themselves. Therefore, they need their own SaaS, HaaS and cloud computing platform.
Specifically, it is the telecommunications industry to consider their own Kindle Store, iTunes time. 
        September 2008, China Mobile Communications Corporation Lu Xiangdong, vice president of China Internet Conference at the seventh special mention: "The next generation mobile Internet devices will play an important role. IPhone emergence and prosperity of the domestic mobile phone software market , are harbingers of the terminal business in this way will be added to the value chain into a direction in the fusion of industry, China Mobile is positioned as the integration of digital content, editor and distributor of mobile phone multimedia, so we who should be the integration of information. "visible, China Mobile," added the business end "of this model has a clear understanding, and trying to become the digital content distribution intermediary.
As the number of operators have a huge customer base and marketing channels, such intermediary business, the future potential. 
        With the iPhone and Google phone G1 emerge, we see IT to CT faster and faster pace of expansion in the Internet to mobile Internet penetration in the process, mobile operators are experiencing a huge threat but also faces enormous opportunities,
How to take this opportunity to every problem faced by mobile operators, mobile Internet on how profitable mobile operators must be considered, otherwise they will become a "pipeline."
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