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Google sounded the horn, the Internet came into being cloud computing
        In 2007, Google's a young engineer at his alma mater to carry out a special education program (101 plan), professor of computer science students in distributed parallel programming, aims to develop new programming ideas. The experiment provided by Google's software platform and hardware provided by IBM, the implementation of the plan led directly to Google that cloud computing plans.
        For Google, cloud computing is its huge cluster of computers, Internet applications for future computing and storage infrastructure is the Google of IT and software industry to attack the horn!
        At first, due to financial constraints, Google's computer cluster using ordinary inexpensive PC server built, and through a distributed software technology to achieve high concurrency, high reliability, high performance, high-throughput distributed search technology architecture. With the online search business and, later, business development, Google's servers to grow to the scale of hundreds of thousands, but the ordinary practice of customized PC server and PC clusters based on common ideas of distributed architecture did not change. Practice has proved that the cluster architecture is highly scalable. Meanwhile, Google constantly improve the management of large-scale clustering and scheduling capabilities.
        In fact, Google has developed a new "operating system", to the bottom of dozens of unified management and scheduling, on millions of servers, to provide uniform API. The system has large-scale data parallel processing capabilities, large-scale file storage, and vast amounts of database systems and other auxiliary functions, such as distributed synchronization. The significance of this system can be compared with the desktop operating system, Windows, or even beyond it.
        Google's platform for this system was originally used only for internal engineers to develop their own applications, such as Gmail, Google Map, Google Docs, Google Wave, etc. But Google knows that their own strength alone is difficult to shake Microsoft's dominant desktop software ecosystem, only to their own Internet platform open to outside third-party developers to form a new Internet application ecosystem to foster more users use the Internet application, be possible to eventually subvert Microsoft's software empire. Thus, as represented by Google's Internet giants of the Internet to promote cloud computing was born. 
IT giants separate bodies, IT cloud turned out to
        Proposed in the Google cloud computing plan, participation in 101 plans, IBM soon realized that the plan may change the software as well as the IT industry.
        On the one hand, Google's cloud computing based on its large-scale infrastructure, and the way services will be leased to users of its infrastructure capacity. The massive infrastructure of servers used, are Google's own custom common Linux server, rather than procurement of IT companies more profitable commercial high-performance servers; software, Google also developed a new type of distributed systems and application software and the open source system, rather than purchasing a commercial operating system, database, virtualization software and application software; data center (including cooling, power, security system integration) or Google own design! IT giants Google can not fully share the benefits of cloud computing.
        Other hand, Google's cloud computing once advocated by the scale of development will be possible to make the software and IT market to shrink. Because users need to purchase hardware and software, maintenance and management, order can only use cloud computing applications, that Google can be software and IT capabilities delivered to users through the Internet platform. The enterprise IT market (servers, software, tools, consulting, services) are the IT giants of the traditional areas of strength, if Google's cloud computing initiative to promote smooth, it will certainly affect the interests of the IT giants.
        Although this is a long process, but IBM has a forward-looking vision, represented by the IT giants, will not sit still for. So, how they plan ahead to deal with the threat posed by Google's cloud computing it?
        IT giants that even if Google's cloud computing mysterious, but its essence is to provide Internet-based platform and software services. That being the case, then the infrastructure can also be delivered as a service to users on the Internet. In this way, the famous three cloud computing service model is adopted, the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.
        One of the most critical is IaaS. In accordance with IT giants to say, PaaS and SaaS can be provided based on IaaS, IaaS is the basis for all cloud computing services. In Google's cloud computing vision, not IaaS, Google does not own the server that one normal delivery to the user, which was contrary to its cloud computing idea. Once IaaS this level, cloud computing is still in the IT giant to build the infrastructure provided above, rather than Google, as "to provide their own" infrastructure.
        As a result, IT giant sought after by the IT cloud computing has become a new profit growth point, it will be for IT vendors to bring a new potential market. In this market, their IT products through the Internet, to cloud the way to achieve market penetration. Of course, if the IT giants are not good at operating the cloud services, cloud computing can also be an advantage to the provider, such as carriers, IDC provider, Internet provider of IT products will be delivered to the user, so the end user to obtain low-cost cloud computing services.
The difference is obvious, each has its advantages
        Clearly, the Internet and IT cloud computing cloud computing technology and ideology in essentially different.
        Google believes that cloud computing is the use of distributed computing technology, the aggregation of thousands of servers into a unified "computer" to provide powerful computing and storage capacity. Google wants more people to share, use this "computer", and can be "unlimited" expansion of its computing and storage needs in the development of powerful web applications above. Thus, the Internet cloud is behind the strong emphasis on technology, it is possible to overturn the traditional IT industry, people buy is no longer the traditional servers, storage, operating system, database and application systems, but a new type of computing power (eg, Mapreduce services), file storage capabilities (such as GFS services), database capabilities (such as Bigtable) and applications (like Gmail), with the ultimate aim is to build application software and Internet-based platform ecosystem.
        IT giants is that, regardless of the platform, software or infrastructure, as long as the user through the Internet as a service to obtain, is cloud computing!
        IT Cloud emphasized that access to computing model, which is the server to provide IaaS, PaaS platform to offer applications to SaaS providers do not need to change the traditional IT technical architecture, computing, storage systems, databases and other technologies have not changed , change only the delivery of IT systems and delivery channels, with the ultimate goal is to change the existing IT business model, the maximum possible expansion of IT market, increase IT penetration.
        The end user, Google's idea is the way via distributed software, the combination of low-cost common server powerful computing and storage platform, then use the platform for users to share, for each user seems to have alone with this "computer." Users will be faced with a completely different platform architecture, such as the currently available traditional CRM, OA, E-mail applications to difficult to transplant Google's new cloud computing platform, the user need to re-design and development of new applications.
        IT giants idea is by way of virtualization software, the traditional servers, virtual platforms and software that can be centrally managed virtual resource pool, and then allocated according to user needs from scheduling the appropriate resources, delivered to users via the Internet. For end users, in addition to changes in access patterns, the other is almost no change, traditional applications can more easily migrate to new resources.
        In short, IT is the Internet cloud computing cloud computing to promote the process of a strong competitor in the small developers and users, the entire ecosystem has not yet formed, the user may be preferred IT cloud computing, mainly from the development capabilities, legacy systems migration, applications performance, and other point of view. The Internet cloud computing will remain relatively low key, more focused on nurturing the ecosystem, and gradually cultivate new users.
        Currently represented by Google's Internet giants are making every effort to promote the development of the Internet cloud computing, they seek high ground of the future; and more IT companies, software companies and traditional operators are pushing the development of IT cloud computing They are seeking new business growth, more of a defense.
Two camps go hand in hand
Internet players to actively promote
        In other countries, Yahoo, Facebook, Salesforce and other cloud computing to take the Internet route, to create Internet-based application platform. For example, Yahoo Hadoop to build business based on cloud systems, Salesforce using the platform to build SaaS resource, Facebook SNS platform in its application platform to build F8, they are equipped with Google's cloud platform for the strength to compete.
        In China, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, Shanda have the ability, but also has a strong demand and motivation to do the Internet cloud to deal with massive data processing and storage. Tencent CTO said, if you do not use cloud computing, according to the current amount of data growth, Tencent will be bankrupt in five years. This remark is not false! However, I believe, not just Tencent, China and other Internet giants will face the pressure.
        Currently, the domestic Internet giants have to act, hoping the next generation of the Internet era have the ability to compete with foreign giants. Alibaba set up cloud computing labs, recruitment of a large number of technical architects, mergers and acquisitions million net, trying to build a commercial cloud "big platform"; Baidu proposed "box computing", to cultivate their own ecosystems, trying to break the soft underbelly of relatively closed platform; Tencent is the most Internet users, the most complete, most profitable Internet giant, while the operating platform of experience and strength no one can be shoulder to shoulder, I believe that once the conditions, and operate cloud computing platform, Tencent must be able to in a short period of time sufficient to build a competitive ecosystem.
IT giant United Offensive
        IBM, HP and many IDC providers and telecommunications carriers AT & T, Verizon, etc., cloud computing is taking IT development path, sharing new opportunities arising from cloud computing. They adopted a joint strategy, the use of different roles in IT technology, operational capacity, channels and customers, and other areas, play a role together to jointly promote the new IT business models for small and medium customers in the public cloud and for large customers cloud on the internal development and new market growth for their respective interests.
        In this camp, known to operate with the operator the ability to dominate the industry. Various types of servers, virtualization, database, application software, system software and other IT equipment and services company providing IT solutions, while operators can provide a powerful IDC network access, and use their operational capacity, the ability to effectively align IT services in the form delivered to customers, so that all parties, including users can benefit from.
        Currently, the domestic IT market is mainly gathered in the cloud computing business market, and dominated by foreign IT giants, public cloud is not very good success stories. In 2009, China's first cloud computing infrastructure century Internet service provider announced its IaaS (CloudEx products) official business, is currently the IT cloud computing pioneer. According to my observation, including the three major operators, the server maker Lenovo, a wave of telecom equipment maker Huawei has been active in reserve so the cloud computing IT development and operational capabilities, I believe that in the near future, they will have action!
        Overall, IT cloud computing is the application of higher, more involved role, commercial product launch faster, but the true scale of its operations have a higher threshold, the market also takes a long time to dig and cultivate ; Internet cloud computing although currently only a few giants such as Google actively promoting, but the undercurrent still water, its inherent energy is difficult to predict.
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