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The rapid development of the data center, network platform should be the times
Challenge traditional data center
        Entered the information society, data center has become like transport, energy as an important infrastructure, leaving the data center business, it will instantly collapse. Enterprise information in the process, the traditional data center take an integral role, and still play an important role for SMEs. But with the massive concentration of corporate data centers become a trend, it has become even more prominent challenges.
        First, the traditional data center system resource utilization is not high. Traditional data center design goal is always to meet the peak performance and non-stop. Therefore, the design according to the server, storage, network equipment and other equipment, peak physical performance requirements, design and procurement. In fact, apart from the peak work period, the system resource utilization is not always high, the view even argue that the traditional data center server, the average utilization rate of less than 30%. In addition, for most enterprise data centers, according to business needs can not be fast, flexible, dynamic deployment, therefore, the pressure from the business sector and the availability of the data center itself increasing pressure.
        Secondly, the traditional data center because of its island-style architecture, easy sharing of information resources. Traditional data center applications and infrastructure to support it are tightly coupled, usually based on the needs of individual projects set up one by one "resource islands" and "information islands." System between the various islands, is not actually get through. Meanwhile, a large number of storage systems, devices and servers connected directly, and not for storage device sharing.
        Finally, the cost of traditional data centers increasingly high energy consumption and environmental protection issues outstanding. Data centers are big energy consumers, has been recognized by the industry. Data show that, with the rapid development of data centers, if not controlled, the future of data center power consumption will be straight up, 2-3 years of data center energy consumption will exceed the cost of its construction; financial crisis, companies to reduce IT costs urgent demand, energy conservation is also a higher requirement for enterprises, forcing them to seek new ways to build the next generation data center. Therefore, to reduce data center energy consumption not only for enterprises to reduce operating costs, but also a reflection of corporate social responsibility.
Building a new generation data center is the trend
        Gartner's latest technology trends in 2010, ranking first in cloud computing, data center remodeling fifth place. The emergence of cloud computing to meet the data concentration trends. Through the network infrastructure, computing, storage and virtualization of resources focused on the establishment of more flexible, easier and more efficient unified architecture that allows companies to dynamically deploy the application needs of data center resources, improve operational efficiency of IT infrastructure has become the consensus of the CIO. IDC study shows that in the next few years, there will be more enterprises begin to try to build a new generation of cloud-based data center technology.
        Simply put, cloud is focused on the supply of various IT applications centers, such as storage goes, office cloud, clouds, etc. database. The emergence of cloud computing, the data center application services provide customers with the ability, not just data services.
        To achieve cloud computing data center, virtualization technology is an important foundation that allows data center computing power, resources and equipment more flexible and elastic, which can better serve the cloud computing services. The cloud-based computing and virtualization, next-generation data centers, cost, energy consumption, deployment, management, and so on all have advantages, the future development trend of the data center.
Network platform for the adhesives
        Implementation of cloud computing, virtualization, data center, with a more flexible computing power, but also its allocation of resources on the network platform to put forward new requirements.
        Network platform as one of the criss-cross the highway, connecting servers, storage and other data center equipment. Based on virtualization and cloud computing data centers, servers and data storage devices to read, write, send, need to be completed by the highway. If you have this highway congestion, collapse, data center efficiency will be seriously affected, and even collapse.
        In the next-generation data center, network platform carrying the "cloud computing" and "cloud storage" is a basic platform. Therefore, it is the transformation and innovation, the data center to the first step in the evolution of cloud computing, and is a crucial step. A simple, scalable data center network infrastructure platform that will benefit computing and storage virtualization, to achieve more efficient load balancing and better utilization. On the contrary, it will lead to next-generation data center efficiency and resource utilization is low, the convenience of a cloud-based computing becomes empty.
        Cloud-based computing and virtualization platform for building next-generation data center network, consider the following questions:
Adaptation, optimization under cloud computing, storage mode
        Next-generation data centers in the data transmission, the way to read compared with the traditional data center is very different. The entire data center server, storage as a whole, multiple servers and data storage devices together, to read and write all the time. Web-based platform must be able to read and write data to this model adaptation and optimization to further improve the speed of the user access to services, to enable them to really enjoy the convenience of cloud computing.
        Taking into account the data read speed, the more simple network level, the faster processing speed, so the data center network to two by the three-tier architecture (TOR-core) evolution, and the device has a larger cache capacity of the future development trend. Also, see the database schema from the server / disk array read data, are based on MAC address, when the data center more complex when the network device's MAC address table size becomes a key issue.
        In summary, a large MAC address table entries, a large cache, it will be the key to next-generation data center switch technology.
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