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How to achieve energy-saving digital cloud?

        If the number of high-energy cloud as a "dark cloud", then how can we break up the network "cloud" so that our network will show a beautiful picture as "blue sky with clouds sail"?
Understanding of the digital cloud
        In the analysis of energy-saving digital cloud before, had the "cloud" the basic form is clear. "Cloud" pattern more, its physical implementation is the word - cluster, it has two typical application form.
        The first is Internet-based clustering applications (hereinafter referred to as the "Internet cloud"). With the Internet and IP-based communications development, in theory, any port with the IP network and CPU devices can become a "cloud" of the node or terminal. As long as through the cluster software on it with the other nodes in IP networks and terminals together make up the cluster, users can share all the devices on the network's computing power and storage. Such as BT (BitTorrent) to download, you have to download the file, it is also for other users to upload, because everyone in the "help each other", so your download speed will not end with the number of users increases. This is a typical Internet "cloud" technology.
        The other is the cloud service provider cluster applications (hereinafter referred to as "operational cloud"). Cloud cluster technology service providers, multiple computing or storage system stack, and unified management in order to obtain a single device can not get the performance and reliability. This constitutes a cloud system, external provision of computing and storage services. Google, Amazon is taking this path.
        So, how can digital cloud of energy-saving it?
Internet cloud energy
        Internet cloud to analyze the energy from the two levels, one terminal levels, the network level.
Terminal energy
        IP network port with the CPU and the cloud terminal equipment, the most typical is the personal computer (laptop or desktop). Notebook computer for mobility needs to consider to minimize the cabinet temperature, fan and hard drive noise reduction, increased battery life, which itself has done a lot of energy-saving design. For example, the most notebook power consumption of the CPU is running less than 35W, recently very popular netbook, the use of CPU power even as low as 3W (single core) to 8W (dual core); notebook 1.8-inch hard drive, its power less than 3.5 inch desktop hard drive power consumption 1 / 4; laptop power control design is extremely compact to ensure not only high power conversion efficiency, but also parts of running real-time monitoring, try to shut down all unused parts to save use power. Standby power consumption of notebook computers only 2W.
        Desktop manufacturers often because of cost considerations, weakening the energy-saving design desktop device. Manufacturers usually up to 80W or even hundreds of watts of energy-intensive and expensive CPU cooling systems to minimize costs. It also can not blame the manufacturers, considered an economic accounts: a single desktop machine usually around 300W of power to start three hours every desktop, 0.7 yuan per kilowatt basis, the annual power consumption of 328.5 degrees, electricity only 230 yuan; the desktop power consumption reduced by half, they could only save 100 or so, while the costs would increase $ 500 or more. Thus, manufacturers of energy-saving designs are not enthusiastic. Even so, the desktop can not say that energy can not be done. 
        In 2007, Google and Intel launched a "computer energy saving climate" action (Climate Savers Computing Initiative), is committed to the 2010 worldwide computer power consumption by 50%. Which is equivalent to saving 11 million vehicles, or 20 coal power plant's annual emissions. How to achieve this mission? Very simple, it recommended that PC users use the following three strategies:
        The first one, turn on the computer's power management mode, the monitor and hard disk sleep time is set in 15 minutes, the system of standby sleep time to 30 minutes or less; second measure, purchase with Energy Star (Energy Star) logo computers, Energy Star-certified desktop computers, sleep consumes less than 4W, laptops and even less than 2W; third measure, computers when not in use, unplug it. Only the three measures, you can make PC-based cloud-end energy consumption in half.
        Therefore, the cloud-end energy, focusing on promoting conservation of electricity end-users to develop good habits, both personal savings in electricity charges, but also saves energy, but also can effectively extend the life of the cloud terminal equipment, can serve more too.
Network Energy
        In early 2009, a message on the Internet caused a public outcry: "Sunday Times" published a Harvard University physicist Alex • Wei Sina - Gross (Alex Wissner-Gross) of the latest research results. Studies have shown that using a desktop machine running two Google search and boil a pot of water produced by carbon dioxide emissions is similar - 15 grams of carbon dioxide emissions. Converted over, search the whole network will consume every 0.01 degrees of power. If you take a huge search traffic on Google, is a very alarming figure. Google to start immediately on the official blog response, and a series of crisis public relations, in order to restore the positive image of energy saving. 
        In fact, once the search operation, the data will go through a PC terminal, data exchange, long-distance transmission, optical repeaters, servers and storage and other equipment, the cost of electricity to the whole network have to bear apparently Google is not fair. But the message itself shows the industry's focus has been on energy saving to the whole network from the single direction of energy transfer. 
        The key to saving the whole network in two points: each node and whole network of energy-saving equipment, energy management. 
        Cloud of each node device, an operation that generated the data stream through which all network devices. Node energy equipment includes three aspects: First, reduce the energy consumption of the device itself; second energy control devices, with management interface; third is the depth of energy-saving equipment, including equipment unused parts can enter the low power state , how much can be low, and so on. 
        Only the use of the whole network power management software to measure and control all nodes on the network equipment energy consumption, the whole network in order to truly achieve integrated conservation of energy. However, due to network devices include a wide variety of IT and CT, the manufacturer is even more numerous, the lack of a unified management interface, network-wide energy management remained at the hypothetical stage. Currently, the industry's manufacturers have taken to the first step in the whole network power management: power management software through a network, can be measured from the manufacturers to switch to all IP connected devices (such as telephones, surveillance cameras, wireless router etc.) of energy, but its accuracy can only be built on the basis of the average estimate. In all energy equipment manufacturers to achieve a unified management interface definition, the whole network is still only limited power management to achieve.
Operational cloud energy
        Cloud service providers in building networks, often using the same architecture node devices, and the overlay in order to obtain a more concise and better management of scalability. 
        Most of the node element can be divided into several typical types, each type of node devices with similar or even the same CPU, memory, hard drives and other hardware configuration, and the same management interface, thus eliminating the need for the Internet cloud complex types of equipment defects, but also for energy-efficient implementation of the program more convenient. 
        Similar to the Internet cloud, cloud of energy-saving operation also need equipment and the whole network from the node to be considered at two levels, the program is broadly consistent with the Internet cloud. The following from a different perspective to explore the idea of ​​operating energy cloud.
Improve equipment utilization rate of resources
        Here, we introduce the "resource utilization" concept. Running the same application conditions, higher resource utilization, which means less waste of resources, the more energy-efficient. 
        Node device on the cloud, whether it is the server or storage device, the core component of all three major components: CPU, memory and hard drive, the energy consumption of the three nodes in the device's total energy consumption accounted for 50-75%. Cloud node device resource utilization, also focused on the three components of resource utilization on. Therefore, we can abstract the hardware components cloud nodes for these three components.
        Operations can be divided into cloud computing node device type, storage-based computing devices and storage devices integrated three types. This is because the positioning of the three types of equipment are not the same as a direct result of three major components of the allocation ratio is not the same: emphasis on computational device to calculate, the ratio of CPU and memory on a high, hard drive ratio will be lower; and storage type equipment on the contrary, a higher ratio of the hard drive; integrated device takes into account the computing and storage, the ratio between the three components calculated between the type and storage type.
        If the cloud service provider can run for the business or business computing needs of the child, the right to determine the need to choose which type of equipment, and targeted to purchase the type of equipment, we can achieve higher resource utilization, thereby reducing the TCO, reduce overall energy consumption. This is a cloud operating the most effective energy conservation measures.
Improve energy management node
        Single node energy-saving devices, requires low power consumption characteristics of the device itself should have, including those with low-power CPU, memory and hard drive, and high efficiency power conversion components, cooling systems, etc. Optimize the energy consumption of a single node device management, put it simply consists of the following three:
        The first: to temporarily unused components off to sleep or power state. 
        Article: software tools, components will not take full advantage of centralized management of resources, and adjust to achieve optimal utilization of resources.
A simple example: a business consumes eight hard drives, each drive consumes 20W, 160W business total consumption of hard disk power consumption; if the online testing system that can only consume four hard drives to meet the business needs, you can migrate data to make business focus to four hard disk, and the four hard off idle, saving energy consumption of 80W.
        Article: The management interface provides energy management, so important parts of equipment and energy consumption can be monitored, measurable, manageable.
Improve network power management
        Multiple node devices through the channel stack and data management, constitute a cloud system. "Cloud" of the management subsystem of the "cloud" in the unified management of all the nodes, the node management, and business management involves scheduling of two parts.
        Sound cloud management mechanism needs to be done from the system and the overall level of each node in the cloud for business, energy, real-time monitoring and intelligent control. To ensure availability and reliability of the premise, the actual situation for the business, the use of other resources such as VMware virtualization software technology for real-time cloud-node configuration, and adjust resources as possible to improve the resource utilization of each node, and to temporarily nodes do not sleep, so as to achieve cloud systems to maximize overall resource utilization.

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