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The first cloud computing base of Shanghai has settled in Zhabei
        Post correspondent in Shanghai, "sea of ​​clouds Plan" conference was informed that the next three years, Shanghai will focus on creating "Asia-Pacific cloud computing center." Meanwhile, Shanghai's first cloud computing industry base located in Zhabei District, officially inaugurated the high-tech service Park City, North.
Shanghai has recently issued a "cloud computing to promote industrial development action plan (2010-2012)", or "sea of ​​clouds program."
        At yesterday's conference, China Telecom Shanghai Branch and the City, North Hi-tech Park, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, the cooperation of the first phase of key projects include: creating China's first international telecommunications operators gathering area, the use of cloud computing infrastructure Service Platform (IaaS) for the 40 domestic listed Internet company to create "data based", as well as large Internet companies such as custom data center operations.
        Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Committee and deputy director Shao Zhiqing said, "sea of ​​clouds Plan" Shanghai will play, "Cloud Computing Center Asia Pacific", the next goal to achieve "ten Facing", that is to cultivate ten influential in the country operating income over a hundred million years of cloud computing technology and service companies; built ten for urban management, industry development, e-government demonstrations and other areas of the cloud computing platform; promote one hundred software and information services business to cloud computing service transformation; operating income driven information services added $ 100 billion to develop cloud computing industry and the introduction of one thousand high-end talent.
        It is reported that China's first international telecommunications operators the main gathering area of ​​the project "Data Port Tower," was started in May this year, is expected to be put into use in October 2011.
        In addition, data port, respectively, with Shanghai Shanghai Super Computing Center, Oracle (Oracle), Dell (Dell) signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Under the agreement, Shanghai and the Shanghai Supercomputer Center to build cloud computing data co-operation Joint Laboratory, disaster recovery centers, financial derivatives and other computing services center. Oracle and Dell will use their cloud computing technology and data solutions in Hong Kong and Shanghai joint research and development, construction, promotion of cloud computing services.
        Yesterday, Tencent, Alibaba, FFT and other enterprises and institutions, but also as a Shanghai data port infrastructure cloud computing services platform, the first customer, settled in the cloud computing industry base in Shanghai.
        Zhabei District, said Zhou Ping, Zhabei District, within three years, will strive to make the base of cloud computing industry output value of Shanghai 50 billion yuan within five years of 80 billion yuan to develop 1-2 billion of annual sales of over 10 cloud enterprise computing, the introduction of 2-3 with annual sales of over 500 million cloud computing business.
What is cloud computing?
        The so-called cloud computing (cloud computing), virtualization refers to the new network-based computing model. Through this model, software, hardware, platforms and other IT resources will be used as infrastructure to provide services to users. Network applications in the cloud computing model, data is only one, save in the "cloud" the other side, all of your terminal equipment (including computers, smart phones) only need to connect to the Internet, you can access and use the same data.
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