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Spotlight era of cloud computing business opportunities in information services


        China Telecom to provide broadband network industries, server hosting and industry information service. The photo shows China Telecom Jiangsu corporate data centers.
        From an early branch of the IT industry, developed to an independent industry, IT services has become a hot ICT applications and most market potential areas of high profit Blue Ocean. Especially with the cloud computing, networking and other new technologies and applications, driving the IT services market size and rapid expansion, and subsequently emerging new business opportunities. 
        Speaking of IT services, IBM had to mention it can eat only a little elephant head - after nine years, the decline from a hardware manufacturer transformed into an IT services giant. Today, many IT companies are moving from traditional IT transformation, shared IT services pie.
        In the telecommunications industry, Huawei released the cloud computing strategy, the future will no longer simply sell Huawei's telecom equipment, but for business users cloud computing solutions; in the IT equipment industry, Dell's strategy to promote cloud services specialists, by providing users with customized of the cloud-based solutions and regain growth; in the software industry, UF launched PaaS cloud computing platform, has begun to build a commercial value of the cloud ecosystem services ... ... 
        The next step in the development of the IT services industry, in fact it is the ability to enhance the service provider system of the next step.
        IT services market is big
        February 9, 2011, Chinese New Year the first working day after the State Council on the "further encourage the development of software and IC industry, a number of policy" was promulgated.
        The first new policy would expand tax incentives to standardize IT services and outsourcing, a boon to the IT services, including operation and maintenance, integration, consulting, testing and other IT services. In addition, new policies for product innovation and outsourcing services for guidance, but also to the future development of IT service providers pointed out the direction.
        And six months ago, by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology leading, Digital China, the soft, Qinzhi Digital, Shanghai Baosight systems integrators involved in the preparation of the "information technology service standards (ITSS) white paper" released the first edition. The level of IT service standards then in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and other provinces started a pilot promotion. Among them, the relationship between the operation and maintenance services to major IT standards as laid industry norms Stand.
        "Two documents have become a booster to accelerate the development of the IT services industry." Wei Xun Beijing Wise Technology Co., Ltd. Dong Jun, general manager, said, "In the past operation and maintenance of the human factors are more difficult to measure service, now have a unified standards and norms, will be able to high-end services and a clear distinction between low-end services, and service providers a clear measure of the value and quality of service. "
        "IT service from the early development of the IT industry a branch to an independent industry, which reflect the market's prospects." Dong Jun said, especially with the major companies have been restructuring in recent years, and heavily invested in IT services These are further promote the domestic IT services market's rapid amplification, also makes this area a hot industry of new applications and high-profit point.
        In this year's Boao Forum for Asia, India Tata Consultancy Services vice Lamaduolai also said that even in the face of international financial crisis such as economic fluctuations, global IT and technology services market remains stable for nearly 20 years growth. Industry analyst firm Gartner research shows that in 2010 total worldwide IT services end-spending $ 793 billion, an increase of 3.1%. In the same year, the overall scale of China's IT services exceeded one hundred billion yuan mark. 
        "Cloud" road wider
        Large-scale IT systems and integration of intelligent, software, systems and resources presented unprecedented challenges, the use of cloud computing and networking and other new mode of operation and maintenance upgrades to become the main choice of IT services.
        "At present, cloud computing and networking has become a national 'second five' plan of the most important of the strategic allocation. In the financial, telecommunications, manufacturing, education and other related fields, cloud computing market demand is no doubt at the same time, number of strong local and international information technology companies are the leading cloud computing companies to cooperate actively tap the market potential of China cloud computing, cloud computing for the local Chinese to contribute to the development of industry. "Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Week, chief economist of the child study said that with the changes in the global information industry, cloud computing has become a major global IT industry development, and has become a new generation of strategic information technology in the emerging industry representatives, leading companies are actively exploring the development and layout of cloud computing.
        "IT infrastructure 'cloud' is the best antidote to the plight of traditional IT." Accenture Greater China Li Xiaodong, director of technology consulting division, said the current Chinese enterprises need to accelerate the transformation of business and operating models to address the international financial crisis after under increasing uncertainty and changing market demands.
        Accenture and the Chinese Institute of Electronics in 2010 jointly issued by the China Cloud Computing research report shows that 88% of respondents plan to use cloud computing the next two years. This shows that more and more local businesses aware of cloud computing to provide agile, flexible IT resources and reduce IT costs and other aspects of the potential.
        "The domestic IT companies should seize the opportunity, innovation and development." In the recently held 15th China International Software Expo, president of Beijing Aerospace University Professor Huai Jinpeng about IT companies in the "cloud" when the opportunity that the enterprise IT technology trend of the times of great change to "Out" do your homework. "We should think deeply of new technologies, new opportunities in application mode where to find the essence of the law, seize growth opportunities in China and the world."
        In fact, the IT industry practitioners, large-scale computing and data storage has become a trend, cloud-based services to businesses and individuals demand is starting to show. There is a demand for the enterprises, cloud computing is not only the upgrading of IT technology, but also the organization and business model innovation. This change, while also profoundly affect the entire IT industry chain.
        Alibaba set up a new business in the cloud computing company, "Ali cloud" will build multiple "e-cloud computing center"; China Mobile is developing and testing platform for cloud computing, "large cloud", and would like to improve the future mobile Internet information service capabilities; century container built Internet data centers, "says Cube" large-scale data centers, "says Express" service, multi-layered cloud service offerings. (Edit Caiming Yi)
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