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Era of cloud computing operating system, the direction of evolution

        In the author new to the computer, regardless of AT & T's Unix, Microsoft Windows or domestic UCDOS are radiant, and lead the industry trend, while a variety of operating systems provides a powerful and rich API, making a variety of powerful and interesting application after another, can be said that the operating system is the crown at the IT sector. But with the development of the Internet and mature operating system in the deteriorating status of the entire system, so the cloud computing era, the operating system disappear?
        Of course, the answer is certainly not because the hardware through the operating system and applications can be built between an elegant middle layer. But one thing is very obvious that the need for change, then we talk about in the era of cloud computing operating system will likely evolve unto aspects?

        With the prosperity of SaaS services, enabling users to directly through the browser will be able to complete most of the work, which led to computers and networks has become an integral one, then it is obvious the operating system needs to be better for the network services. In this regard, the industry many companies are innovative, the most famous example is Google's ChromeOS, which itself is based on the popular Linux kernel, but it and the traditional desktop operating system different is its user interface is a browser device, the user's purpose is to use the Internet. Obviously, ChromeOS advantage is not fully functional, but to users in the shortest time, with the fastest speed access network, and use a variety of SaaS services, both in speed and security is also guaranteed.

Mobile technology
        As more and more users want to use in case of mobile services on a variety of cloud, causing the operating system is a relatively large movement of the trend, and industry in this area has a range of products, of which two leader is Apple's IOS and Google's Android, and they are mainly based on mobile phone such hardware. Although the function, they will not with the traditional desktop operating system in the same breath, but the two systems-based mobile phone users anywhere with the cloud services, and user experience is very good, but compared with the traditional phone , calls and text messages in such traditional areas, they are also not lagging behind. In January 2010, iPad launch further demonstrates that such systems have already extending to flat (Tablet) area.

        In the medium-sized data centers and giant cloud computing center, virtualization technology because of its cost and management advantages and popular, but the past is very cumbersome operating system they are not suitable for virtualization. To solve this problem, the industry launched a "JeOS (JustEnoughOperatingSystem, just enough operating system)," The concept is one that has been streamlined to only complete the basic run, do not own any advanced features of the operating system, if you need advanced features , the user must install. By JeOS this technology can greatly accelerate the distribution and deployment of virtual machines, each virtual machine while also reducing the total share some resources, which will make a single physical machine can withstand more virtual machines, which cost and management are very good. JeOS has now launched a version of the operating system, SUSE, Ubuntu, OpenSolaris and Windows.

        Finally, I want to say that although the era of cloud computing operating system, as in the past will not become a "10 players", but several of the above mentioned evolution, will make the operating system has its own in many respects a new world .

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