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Mobile internet, a new platform of developing unified industry chain

        “The innovation of mode and the environmental optimization of traditional industry will trends to a good development which called blue ocean area for future entrepreneurs to breakthrough.” In November 13th, Tencent’s “mobile micro observation” column, the president of SpForum, Zhang Qiushui said, "China has 0.8 billion farmers and a large number of low income of three security personnel, and the United States is not the same. Entrepreneurs should start businesses from the needs of these people. And it is apparently not wise enough to start from white collar and popular demand.”

        Actually, “Copy to China” has a long-standing history. New technology and concept is system engineering which based on the market or consumer insights combined with technology development. This system engineering is difficult for many pure technical origins of Chinese Internet entrepreneurs to complete independently. They always lack innovation, and the overseas market has become their best copy template. However, the huge Chinese market has its particularity, including some access policy and customers habit which is unpredictable for overseas companies, and makes a sufficient space for domestic entrepreneurs especially in the field of mobile Internet in China. There is a huge business opportunities and blue ocean for China.

        “Industry application should be the attention and an opportunity to mobile Internet entrepreneur." Ruisi group vice president Li Dan said. “Senior media Centaur Weiqiang also stressed, "I notice that Android has an application to run on PC terminals, and this function is emulated by mobile phone terminals. This is an important interflow experiment for its huge market. Mobile Internet industry chain should be put more broadly so as to blend in traditional industry business in every detail as electric business does.

        Near the end of discussion, SpForum president Zhang Qiushui expressed his prospects of the development of China Mobile Internet in the future. He said that It is imaginable for the influence of internet to human and social. After several years, mobile Internet industry would like the human body meridian, and blend to various traditional industry. Before a new industry, everyone is new recruits, and need to be brainwashed.


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