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The market scale of Triple play will exceed 2,000 billion Yuan
        During the past year and a half in the process of trying to merge the three nets, although SARTF and CT both to haunt their mutual interests and play slobber battle, but the related industrial chain became more and more courageously, through various means to be cooperation. At September 4th, the rural radio and television" households" project attend by the national cable TV operators and telecommunications operators is started in the round and put forward future five-year development plan. At the end of September, Beijing Unicom announced that the IPTV project try operation formally at October 1st and they expected that by the end of 2011, fiber to the home in Beijing's coverage will reach 55%. At October 8th, the ¡°Twelfth Five-Year Plan" in Fujian Province Information Industry Development was officially launched. According to the plan, to 2015 in Fujian Province, the user only needs to pass through a network interface which enables them to watch TV, surf Internet and make phone call. At October 10th, the strategic cooperation agreement between Yunnan mobile and Yunnan radio and TV network was signed which marks the Yunnan Province¡¯s three nets combination issued new bud¡­¡­In addition to the various modes of cooperation within the operator level, including domestic and foreign well-known television companies and Telecom, cable operators are also constantly alliance in the market and technology and marketing and other aspects. If the three nets combination can be substantial advance, certainly will drives upgrade to relevant industry chain. After several years of market research estimation in the nets combination, if the combination is marketed and normalizing at the operational level, only Chinese cable industry and technology that could bring about 1200 billion Yuan to 2300 billion Yuan of the market space. And this market space only includes the two-way network, interactive set-top box, CA card, BOSS system, which does not include the move such as telecommunications, culture, content, entertainment and other related industrial chain. ¡¡¡¡
        The 1500 billion element of the two-way network market
        According to the statistics of the network, future national cable industry become digital and interactive business is in normal operation, the digital cable TV users ( with the city population, including parts of the rural cable subscribers in total ) will break through 2 billion this mark.
        In the future, the cable TV network operators will be in phases and planed to gradually substituted SD set-top boxes that are used by 2 billion of cable digital TV users for interactive set-top box, and even interactive set-top box function to the television. According to the network estimation, in the next 2 or 3 years, after interactive set-top box dimensions to turn production, related peripheral equipments such as interactive set-top box chip, middleware, is bound to decline.
        According to the ideal state, calculation with the market price of a normal HD set-top box ( not including the interactive function ) by 500 Yuan, just the HD set-top box will bring about 500 billion Yuan market space. In addition, yet bidirectional network transformation nearly 1.5 billion subscribers, the future cost of the bidirectional network transformation of cable TV network operators will nearly reach about 600 billion Yuan ~ 1500 billion Yuan, and for the final deadline of China's overall conversion in 2015, within annual capital expenditure of about 200 billion Yuan ~ 300 billion Yuan, so, in the next five years will be the most favorable to such as set-top box equipment providers and network equipment suppliers.
        The CA card market of 200 billion Yuan
        In accordance with the theory of numerical calculation, as a high of 2 billion digital cable TV user markets in China, only the smart card market size will be high of 60 billion Yuan to 180 billion Yuan or even 200 billion Yuan. The market scale is using the rare development opportunity of Chinese cable digital industry, making domestic and international smart card companies to earn a lot in the Chinese market. Including the currently ranked top three domestic manufacturers in the Chinese smart card market, the issuing amount in 2010 and 2011 were made tens of millions of credit card issuers, some even broke through 50 million, so 20 million mark.
        The same time that China more than 10 smart card manufacturers made the CA card market to several hundred billion, its own exclusive, private CA technology system makes Chinese cable industry form the "feudal rule" at the technical level again. The smart card technology is extremely close, the STB market is chaotic, and upgrade is very difficult, such technical situation made the dream of a big nationally cable industry which originally should be formed and efforts to be formed including future national cablevision network artificially face the hitherto unknown challenge and test again at the technical level.
        The technology / platform which instead of the existing enclosed, private intelligent card CA technology, and research, development and the use of an ideal state of the different smart card manufacturers CA technology to be integrated or unified becomes one of important topics during the cable industry dealing with the three nets combination. The ideal technical proposal is to make such technology / platform for the opening set-top box hardware platform to independently develop value-added applications, which let the cable TV network operators download and use after.
        The 8 billion BOSS market
        At present, the development of BOSS system is still at an early stage, the cable TV network operator inputs will be affected by the state of its development.
        According to estimation of network, the cable industry¡¯s capital investment in business support management system level is only about 2% or so at present, which means of its inputs for its annual income 2%. But the telecommunication operator¡¯s input in this area has accounted for 8% ~ 10% of its revenue from. The two industry's huge investment gap means that cable industry has the enormous business opportunities in the field of BOSS system from another dimension.
        Using 200 million digital cable TV users, 24 Yuan / door / month CATV maintenance fee for cardinality estimation, the cable television industry has an annual income of 5.76 billion Yuan.
        The BOSS market size is only calculated by CATV maintenance fee, when the national cable become whole network, bound in interactive services, value-added services, pay-TV business, and other aspects have different benefits. This market demand will require cable TV network operators to provide their own BOSS system, so the size of the market naturally cannot be ignored. So, the BOSS system market of national cable industry scales in between 2 billion Yuan ~ 8 billion Yuan.
        But as the BOSS system provider must be noted when come into the cable industry that, at present, the input of cable TV network operators for the BOSS system is not in accordance with its actual value, mainly depends on the cable TV network operator input in this area.
        Complementary with the BOSS system, including the national cable industry's distinctive Call Center System (commonly known as call centers) technology and the market, currently the provincial units of the cable network operators are constantly prefecture-level city cable network customer service Hotline for unity, but even so, the national cable networks in the future will be faced with more than thirty national customer service hotline a standardized pattern.
        For the current triple play pilot pattern, although facing a lot of not ideal situation, but must believe that the Chinese original triple play road is bound to go, existing such and such problem will eventually be broken by policy and environment.
        Content industry under the tip of the iceberg
        Whether the telecommunications, Internet, Radio and TV Network should clearly recognize itself as an information transmission channel, and its biggest competitors are not each other, but such as advocated by the national grid and vigorous implementation of the smart grid, it is the most "dangerous" one of information transmission channel.
        Currently, the pilot process in the triple play, if cable operators and telecom operators can  focus on the social reality in which a subject's minimum basic needs of you and me to conduct innovative research and development operations, once the corresponding business truly innovative public accepted by the market and profit margins will be unprecedented.
        Living in the real world, between the entertainment and labor, increase the formation of a "ten more phenomenon."Working conditions and environment more superior, remuneration and survival ability will be higher, work time and intensity will be bigger, through the form of entertainment for decompression of the demand will be bigger, for convenient transmission channel and media dependence will be more strong, want to use the relevant equipment is more simple, more of a fool is better, the vast majority of the young people's parents getting older, children's education, cost increasing, more and more family stress ... ...
        Triple play pilot background, regardless of how the properties of this network, the final play is only the users transmit their emotions to an information transmission channel only, as long as the operator firmly grasp the users' needs, and truly understand the "ten more theory ", you can let the user willing to contribute to their ARPU.
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