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The trend of mobile broadband and 3G application
        According to the latest statistics which issued by the three major domestic telecom operators, domestic 3G users have reached 10%. Insiders generally believe that 3G user of China will enter a large-scale development stage in accordance with the international telecommunication industry rules, and the mobile internet industry chain will meet blowout development.
        User data, issued by China's three chief telecom operators, showed that up to September, China Mobile 3G user with TD mode has increased 5.88 million in the current month, and the total reached 43.16 million. 3G users with Unicom WCDMA mode have increased 2.35 million, and the total reached its peak at 30 million. China Telecom 3G user reached 25 million. These total numbers of 3G user approach to 100 million, and break to 10% of permeability rate in the mobile user.
        From 3G market development of Japan, South Korea and other countries, in the initial stage of 3G markets, due to a limited number of network terminal, unstable quality and high price and other factors, the user grew more slowly. But once the 3G user penetration rate reached 10%, the 3G market will meet the inflection point, 3G users will enter the accelerated popularization stage.
        Based on the telecom operators¡¯ data, it can be concluded that the 3G user proportion has already more than 60% during new user in first 9 months this year. Its means 3G has greatly increasing attraction for new user.
        In addition, on the basis of operator financial data, the operator is also coming to the benign orbit of value added situation with user quantity growth after preliminary substantially subsidies. It is advantageous to lay the foundation for operators to promote mobile Internet development.
        Oriental Securities researcher pointed that China Unicom interim report shows 3G business trends to high price with high quantity, and it also indicate that the 3G business has gone on to the benign orbit of value added situation. Even if the new UniCom 3G user number is up to 23 million, the income of 3G communication service will reach 350 billion Yuan with a growth of 200% in 2010. According to Unicom executives recently pronunciation, it is no doubt that to accomplish the goal on attracting 25 million new 3G users this year. At this point, the company annual 3G business income will exceed market expectations.
        The industry generally believes that there have three premises in mobile Internet development. It can be listed as the broadband network coverage of telecom operator, 1,000 Yuan of intelligent mobile phone spread and mobile Internet user becomes more.
        From the current domestic situation, the above three conditions are ready. At the same time, the three major telecom operators promote mobile internet application in many aspects besides in network infrastructure. For example, the three major operators are introduced the application store to provide a wealth of 3G application for users. In the electronic commerce application, the three companies are active in mobile payment industry distribution. Furthermore, the traditional Internet enterprise also begins to do the comprehensive distribution of mobile Internet, such as Tencent, Baidu, Taobao and other companies are actively launch mobile Internet related products.
        According to Analysys International estimates, the market scale of domestic mobile Internet is about 682 billion Yuan in 2010, and the next several years will maintain rising situation in high speed. That means it will reach 1,222 billion Yuan in 2011, and the market scale will reach 3,200 billion Yuan in 2013.
        It is worthy of attention that as the mobile Internet integration of a variety of technology and communication, the industry chain structure of Internet, computer hardware and software, business and other products, is more complex and diverse. Traditional telecom operators as the core of industry chain will gradually disintegrate, and new industrial ecology will be restructured, this also creates development opportunity for many small and medium-sized companies. Sea States Securities believes that, in the past age of the Internet, local enterprises has beyond international tycoon mode in basic application, and this situation would be reappear in mobile internet era. Mobile phone games, mobile phone video, mobile phone electronic commerce and other detailed industries will face a broad market space, and also becomes the comprehensive blowout breach of mobile Internet.
        A latest report from British consulting company Ovum shows that high potential telecom market segments will create a new income of 2138 billion dollars in 2012 ~ 2015. Among these markets, the mobile broadband will head the list of creatively achievement, and receive large family, and their income will reach 920 billion dollars.
        In recent years, the speech income of global operation falls ceaselessly. Nevertheless, mobile broadband brings gradually mature data market for operators. Thanks to this circumstance, global operator can maintain the growing income. In the future, they may fractionize data service and get more benefit from mobile internet through mobile broadband which has the largest potential market.
Global mobile broadband market has a tremendous potential
        According to the report of International Telecom Union, mobile broadband has covered 1 / 8 populations of the world, and currently over 500 billion people with mobile phone service worldwide have been connected to the network. Thus, there has been rolled out a huge market for mobile broadband.
        A data report about ¡°The situation of Internet¡± was published by Ericsson blog,. In accordance with the network data flow of this report, it demonstrated that along with continuously rapid grow in the global mobile data, the second quarter of 2011 growth rate in mobile data flow is 8%. The figure had doubled between the second quarter of 2010 and the second quarter of 2011. Therefore, operators need greater network capacity, better service and more efficient operation and maintenance. The huge potential market was thrown into sharp relief against the statistics.
        ComScore, a market research company, has a report in mobile terminal. It shows that in August this year, mobile device data occupied 6.8% in the United States data flow, including 2/3 mobile phone data. There is about 1/3 of the mobile phone data flow access to Internet through Wi-Fi, and achieves an increase of 3 percentage points in three months,.
        Mobile broadband promotes Internet development, and brings huge raise in data flow for telecom operators. So that flow becomes the most valuable point of growth to operator. In the Chinese market, China Mobile chairman Wang Jianzhou disclosed a few days ago, china mobile data income only occupied 8% in total income, and compared with the foreign telecom operators, it has reached about 50% in Japan. Although China operators¡¯ data service has a poorer foundation, the development will be more rapid, and we will meet more opportunities.
Mobile broadband is the cornerstone of mobile Internet
        The rapid development of mobile Internet is based on the upper application emerge in an endless stream of mobile broadband, and service on different type of the terminal, at the same time, it has a higher requirements on accessing to the network. Universal Mobile Telecommunications System ( UMTS ) forum predict that the voice and data flow of mobile network will be increased 30 times in next ten years.
        From the business aspect of telecom operators, mobile broadband is the cornerstone of rich and colorful personalized mobile Internet application, except that it has a more huge market in a series of vertical industrial applications including medical care, automotive, utility and consumer electronics. Due to the excellent data processing capacity and bandwidth with foundation network facilities of 3G mobile broadband, these value of embedded services and equipments will be greatly enhanced.
        With the advent of mobile Internet, telecom operators will face the biggest pressure of data flow with multiple geometric growths. A survey from flow management firm, Allot Communications, shows that mobile data bandwidth usage continues to rise steadily, and the amplitude is amounted to 77% in the first half of 2011. According to the insiders, the broadband technology and broadband mobile trend is obvious. Last year the mobile broadband subscribers exceeded traditional broadband user number, and it is predict that it will be doubled this year, and even an average annual growth of 40%.
        Relevant organization predicts that till 2020, more than half of the mobile broadband income derived from the two modalities, the" wholesale" of access capacity and quality rise purchase and" bilateral" cost. The rise of Mobile Internet flow directly promotes LTE¡¯s development. At present, there are 14 global LTE commercial network were opened, and LTE users will reach 1-2 billion in 2014.
Improving 3G network is a pressing matter of the moment
        Nowadays 3G is popular, it can be concluded from the three elements of 3G development that if operators want to lead mobile broadband market they must own three elements, such as highly lethal terminal, personalized application and providing network with better quality.
        With the rapid growth of mobile broadband, mobile data flow is continuously increased with abundant content and application and plentiful terminal. Meanwhile, network also faces enormous challenge. First, the network capacity and cost challenges. Along with the raising costs of construction, transmission, maintenance, investment and output will reflect as ceiling effect. Secondly, the network flow will be 100 times outbreak, and traditional telecom operator will be puzzled with BT, eDonkey and P2P application. Furthermore, transmission capacity, site deployment and civil engineering may bring operational problems.
        Obviously, network is the most important foundation of developing mobile broadband market, and domestic operators have been aware of that. In the first half of the year, the three major domestic operators compete in WiFi, and they start to do the deployment of the 3G network upgrade as well as the evolution of 4G in the second half of the year. Currently, China Mobile blog has completed the test of ¡°6+1 city¡± with TD-LTE scale. Recently, Alcatel Shanghai Bell assists China Telecom blog for expansion and upgrade of the 3G network, and deploying 4G development. At the same time, China Unicom blog also pays attention on FDD-LTE.
        Domestic operator are committing to use efficient methods to divide 2G network data service into 3G, LTE and WLAN in order to reasonably control data service on 2G network source proportion, and to ensure that the voice, SMS and other basic business development needs, the consolidation of the quality of the network, as well as the flow operating foundation.
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