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Mobile Internet, the new" triple play" engine
        In the current field of information technology, mobile Internet, cloud computing and Internet of Things have become veritable hot spot. Their development prospect also obtained the governments, operators, equipment manufacturers, content providers and other aspects¡¯ extensive concern and support. Their development is not only separate but also has mutual connection. The author thinks that the three hot spot will eventually be unified, and forming into a large organism with the progress of technology and development. But in this" fusion¡± process, the mobile Internet will serve as the promoting role, "engine¡±.
Mobile Internet and cloud computing -- 1+1 > 2
        First of all, as the handheld device of mobile Internet terminals, although it has a ¡°portable and mobile¡± natural advantage, it has objective restrictions in a sense. But in the CPU computing performance, storage standby, broadband rate and other aspects, it is still difficult to compete with PC in short-term. However, cloud computing can provide a powerful storage and computation ability via "cloud terminal". Meanwhile cloud computing can provide powerful storage and computation ability as well as the optimizing and combining with large server through ¡°cloud terminal¡±. The optimizing of ¡°cloud terminal¡± has a advantage which making up the deficiency of handheld service on reducing the exchange frequency and data flow as well as the consumption of battery and data flow. This superiority creates many possibilities for mobile internet and traditional internet application. It is no doubt that cloud computing can provide more robust ¡°fuel¡± for the future of mobile internet.
        Secondly, the mobile Internet is an opportunity for cloud computing release their full potential. The originally concept of cloud computing is based on a desktop PC applications, but on the view of the modern trend, the mobile handheld terminal is more probably to replace the desktop PC. If the cloud computing only focuses on desktop PC end, its vision is too narrow, and the prospect is relatively limited. Therefore, the cloud computing is not only to pay attention on desktop PC, but also to transplant it to the mobile terminal so as to service in mobile internet. The industry has been generally recognized that the development of mobile Internet has a much wider space than conventional meaning of the Internet industry, thus only in the mobile Internet platform, cloud computing will have a larger stage, and give full play to the advantage.
        Therefore, the mobile Internet and cloud computing are the systems of supplement and promoting with each other. Their combination will produce positive ¡°chemical reaction¡± and culminating in the result of 1 + 1 > 2.
Mobile Internet is the basis for the development of IOT, and the IOT is to realize the overall development of mobile Internet application
        From the traditional definition, IOT refers to a huge network which combined with sensing device information such as radio frequency identification device, infrared sensors, GPS, laser scanner. We can see that one important factor is to" combining with the Internet". And it is obviously unrealistic to establish such a huge" network" relying on the traditional wired network. It also does not accord with the core content of network. IOT is an intelligent sensing device which means to achieve connection of things to things and only to be connected with mobile internet (radio network). Therefore, IOT¡¯s development cannot be separated from internet on the foundation. Only when the mobile internet has fully development, IOT has the chance to achieve its Assumptions and expectations.
        Of course, from another point of view, the establishment of IOT also becomes the main sign of the full-blown development of mobile Internet. At that time, mobile Internet applications will not stay in a mobile handheld terminal virtual application. That means the future mobile Internet will not only limited to the mobile terminal application itself, but also develop to broader areas and industry applications with the communications industry transition. The effective connectivity will form a new reality industrial chain, however, all the terminals, network application and industry application of the industry chain will focus on control terminal which regard handheld terminal of mobile internet as a central. When the time comes, mobile internet will real become the terminal channel and carrier for the era of information and technology¡¯s virtual and practical application. Only in this case, it can be said that mobile internet has achieved comprehensive development.
Mobile Internet, cloud computing and IOT will be unified as the ultimate goal
        To sum up, cloud computing can be regarded as the efficient propellant for the development of mobile Internet. Mobile Internet will become the platform for cloud computing to fully develop potential and the combination of mobile Internet and cloud computing is surely to roll out a bumpy road for the development of Internet of things.
        Bayes Consulting thinks that these three most important technologies in the field of information are inevitable to be unified. The final fusion will trend to complementary, indivisible and promoting. In the fusion process, the mobile Internet will serve as the "engine" role, in this sense, if the" cloud computing" are compared to the efficient propellant of the "engine", it is no doubt that the" Internet of things" will be one of the most important goods on the ¡°fast train¡± which combined with the mobile internet and cloud computing. Only if these three factors closely combined, ¡°fast train¡± can run into the final destination of informationize and intelligence community.
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