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Data center of the new business model
        With the spreading of intelligent terminal, various business applications come to a rapid development and internet enterprises is experiencing a hitherto unknown development opportunity. But as a business fundamental data center infrastructure, it is facing enormous challenge which includes the demand on the rapid business expansion for infrastructure, reducing running cost for the infrastructure effective and efficient service management for the maintenance personnel in data center and its process.
        At present, several magnates of the domestic internet service gradually have the same opinion in data center design and implementation. It can be summed up as follows.
        First of all, internet data center will deploy more x86 server, meanwhile, the server will also be more standard and systematic.
        Secondly, the Internet data center adopts multi-point distributed deployment, and data will backup. Thus the availability level of single data center does not need too high, and it can range from Tier2 to Tier3.
        Furthermore, the Internet data center will continue to expand the scale, and single data center server has a large quantity with high density and electric power. At the same time, along with the updating of server R&D (especially some customization server deployment), rack power density improved from 3KW / cabinet a few years ago to 7-10KW / cabinet, even be improved in the future. Therefore, taking the Internet data center which has a capacity of 10,000 servers for example, its IT load is about 2.5MW, and if it calculates in PUE1.6, its whole power consumption may reach to 4MW. the data center whole electricity consumption will reach more than. Then, data center efficiency and performance optimization is more important.
        Meanwhile, the Internet business applications have a strong timeliness, and new business line will meet an explosive demand in a relatively short period of time to the server deployment. (e.g. micro-blog, online games and so on ). Therefore, internet customers start to show their demands on the fast delivery and deployment of data center and use modular solutions to make quick copy and support new service deployment.
Definition and Technology
        Modular data center (MDC) was early to define the standard design which plan old data (POD) of raised floor data center. POD means to divide the whole data center into several independent area, and its scale, power load and configure of each area is designed by unified standard. Data center expansion will extend from one module to another with business needs.
        Along with the creation of containerized data center in 2007, MDC is also used to describe CDC. The server of containerized data center is highly integrated with infrastructure via the standard wagon in 20 or 40 feet to deliver to quickly install and put into production in the installation site. The containerized data center can be deployed in the open environment.
        However, China¡¯s geographical environment lead to not extensive application groups in containerized data center at present. Therefore, more and more users begin to adopt open frame module so as to combine the Air Handler Units (AHU), Regional Processor with Peripheral component interface ( RPP ) and the cabinet to constitute a standard MDC and deploy in different stages according to business demands. For customers, MDC environment is simplified as a standard factory or warehouse whose infrastructure is build in advance without overhead floor decoration, such as diesel generator, UPS and input / output power distribution cabinet, refrigeration units and so on. Due to the module of each component can be custom-made in factory, users can install on-site rapid deployment ( usually from 3 to 5 days ), while the traditional data center from planning, design, construction, until the acceptance operation usually takes 18 to 24 months.
Advantages and application prospect
        Besides the mentioned features of rapid deployment and accurate replication, the power usage effectiveness (PUE) of MDC can be optimized in the maximum extent and greatly reduce operating cost in the same arithmetic capability for its optimization on closed cold hot channel, a power line, data cable path, server deployment and module airflow organization.
        Meanwhile, module deployment has no restriction on site, and each module can be custom-made in factory then transport to customer for quick on-site assembly. Modular deployment also saves the engineering cost of elevated floor, ceiling and wall decoration of traditional data center construction.
        A growing number of Internet companies began to consider building their own data centers, so as to provide on time support to the business application development and infrastructure equipment optimization. The technical characteristics of MDC and its convenient deployment conform to customers¡¯ needs on service and maintenance, thus, more and more customers are associated with the test. Data center solution providers also should accumulate more experience to prepare widely promotion in internet industry with customers.
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