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The Internet top10 inventory in 2011
        At the back, in 2011 China Internet is still be raging like a storm. New technology, new application, new upgrades emerge in an endless stream, micro-blog influence is strickle, network culture construction to be just unfolding, mobile Internet development make a spurt of progress, video website competition.
        How to check the" squandering is to charming eyes" complicated scene, the people's Daily" new media" edition and Research Institute jointly released the "2011 China's Internet development ten big trends", to grasp the past year combing Chinese Internet industry development, also is an attempt to study the possible future trends, and readers and users together into the highly anticipated 2012.
      01, develop a healthy network culture
        Network culture, is part of the social culture. Strengthen the ideological and cultural construction, and the construction of socialist culture is the urgent task.
In 2011 May, the State Council approved the establishment of national Internet Information Office, further improving the network culture construction and management system. On October 18th, "the party's seventeen session of the six plenary session of the Central Committee of Communist Party of China through" about deepening the reform of the cultural system of promoting socialist cultural development and prosperity of certain major issue decision". ¡°Decision" put forward, should develop healthy network culture. Should carry out seriously active use, scientific development, according to the management, ensure the safety of the policy, the implementation of web content construction, cultivate a batch of network content production and service enterprises. The development of the network of new technology and new business, occupy the commanding point of network information communication. Strengthen the social networking and instant communication tools such as guidance and management, regulating the online information communication order, to create a civilized network environment.
        Promote cultural development and prosperity of the network, as a national cultural construction is an important task on the agenda, to achieve sound and rapid development of network culture with Chinese characteristics has clear statements and more powerful organizational guarantee. Network culture will become the main way of cultural consumption.
      02, micro-blog 140 characters lead micro Era
        In 2010, the micro-blog sweeps across so that all the people sit up and take notice. In 2011, micro-blog with its 208.9% increase, a record the scale of Chinese Internet users is growing most.
        Show feast, show life, show happiness. The 140 words can be recorded hundreds of millions of netizens as usual day;" micro-blog dozen turn particularly"," free lunch", car accident, littleyue Yue events, 140 words can also be recorded history; photograph, upload," micro-blog + intelligent mobile phone" let citizen journalists and media from concept to reality. There has never been a platform as a micro-blog, so thoroughly aroused people's desire and passion.
        From the event in the government for the first time by micro-blog published information, and then to the" diplomatic PHS" micro-blog act loving," Shanghai post" micro-blog vegetables, the government turned " micro-blog control", government affairs micro-blog has a total of nearly 20000.
        Tide, nishajuxia. Micro-blog" about frame", the network Navy, rumors of libel ... ... 3 years of extensive development, micro-blog chaos has significant ecological damage from the media, network, health grows suffocate suffocate," tiring-room real name, the voluntary", new management emerge as the times require.
        In 2011, micro-blog strong moves the reality. Hope 140 words on a better future.
      03, the spring of mobile Internet
        Mobile reading, mobile payment, mobile instant messaging ... ... Intelligent mobile phone and tablet PC with our time slot; using mobile phone and Internet connected to each individual, as a member of the 318000000 mobile phone users. Improved user experience, more populist bandwidth fees, constantly optimize the operating system emerge in an endless stream, intelligent terminal, 2011, the mobile Internet has changed our life.
        Stand high, look far, mobile Internet and Internet industry change. The third quarter of this year, China Mobile Internet 10830000000 yuan market scale, let Internet enterprise spirits. Tablet PC, intelligent mobile phone, the global each big manufacturer is unwilling to keep out of the affair, domestic brands followed, mobile terminal struggle more close.
        We all remember 2010, Apple's first generation iPad listed, with its portability and good user experience, refresh the panel computer definition, also will be the whole IT industry into the post PC era. In 2011, and warlords from the tablet PC market smoke. Mobile phone brand, operating system, application stores, the global manufacturers is to the small screen for over.
        China Mobile Internet after several years developing, finally ushered in the spring.
      04, video website turn to a white-hot competition
        Together, grab customers, bandwidth ratio flow, buy copyright, after 6 years of development of Chinese video website, endless battle continues. The end of the year, Tudou and between copyright dispute, is to let the battle upgrade. We are still willing to believe that, network video future promising, grab anticipate opportunity is a pressing matter of the moment.
        The video website from hundreds of atrophy to now under 10 main sites, experienced a large integration, still did not cast off the destiny of burn.
        The hungry for money and the pursuit of profit under the catalysis of video website, unable to hold oneself back across the listed this step. Following the 2010 6 cool network, network music, has listed, Tudou finally submitted to the IPO for 9 months after the 2011 August successfully listed on NASDAQ in the United States, become the fourth listed on the video website.
        With the homogenization phenomenon fiercer, self-made drama, and television cooperation, the purchase of exclusive rights, is a network of video tycoons come up with countermeasures; through social network access to user traffic, also become video website be compelled helpless under the new.
        Someone says, the network video is gold. Who can dig to the end, is still unknown.
      05, the Internet of things from concept to reality
¡°The next 5 years, the global networking industry market will show a trend of rapid growth, in 2015 will be close to $350000000000, an average annual growth rate of close to 25%." This is the industry for Internet of things portrayed blueprint.
        As a national strategic emerging industries, the Internet of things our national policy stride, gradually shows its tremendous development potential. In 2011, the national research developed to promote our country healthy and orderly development of Internet of things, ideas and" 925" development planning, the establishment and organization of the implementation of the development of IOT special. China Internet market dimensions to achieve 193300000000 yuan, handed over a satisfactory exam paper.
       ¡°World tide, China opportunities", Internet of things has been given numerous expectations. ¡°You can't see me, I is the Internet of things, I change your life", the people look to hope that the Internet can become touch. Internet not only as a concept of science and technology, as the network technology application of new landscape presents in front of people. Some scholars assert, Chinese Internet industry a new round of scientific, rational, orderly and rapid development period coming, network constructed by humans and everything in the world is full of information exchange communication structure, will cause the human social behavior and social operation mode changes. We rub one's eyes and wait.
      06, opening platform for the expansion of the Internet space
        Open, there is nothing better than this term more accurately describe the spirit of the internet. We feel open, is the sharing of information and resources. Internet companies think more, they saw the opening can bring inestimable value.
        In including Baidu Internet company with open platform banner, May 31st, strange tiger 360 companies announced the" 360 degrees of open plan", and announced the creation of 1000000000 yuan of innovation investment fund. In June 15th, Tencent announced that has entered the" full open platform", its eight platform and hundreds of millions of users to have the third party partners open. So far, the first domestic Internet camp Tencent, Baidu, Sina, Netease, the odd tiger 360, grand, Taobao have announced open platform, Renren, happy net, UC vision also actively follow up, into the open platform.
        Opening platform become the people together in an effective way, is a win-win or multi-win the synergy of rational choice. Internet Company¡¯s opening line, for the third enterprises to provide a broader platform, will change the Internet market already some operation pattern as well as the competition between the enterprise and cooperative relations.
        Opening platform will lead to a new round of reshuffle Internet market? It is still too early.
      07, cloud computing is applied to practical application
        "The next revolution", the industry has been described as cloud computing. In 2006, Google first proposed the concept of" cloud computing", many years later.
        It began to be sought after in Chinese Internet bound.
        Let industry excitement "cloud" can bring to us?
        It can connect all the world's computers, the document resources and computing power will be unified management and scheduling, forming a shared resource pool; it can make your computer is connected to an unlimited expansion of resources database, can be done at any time to obtain", as needed, to expand, pay per use".
        2010 October, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuxi 5 city as the pilot city, began to walk "the cloud" the end. In the past year, Beijing cloud base within the enterprise number doubled, to 14; Shanghai released a plan of "clouds"; Shenzhen in the cloud computing application related enterprises have more than 300. Wuxi, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Qingdao and other city also actively with domestic and foreign IT enterprises cooperation, seek cloud computing application and the best way of landing.
        In 2011, the cloud out of the temptation of the noise, to the practical application, the cloud contour has appeared on the horizon.
      08, third party network pay change to  ¡°regular army"
        Network shopping, booking tickets, hotel reservations, every network transaction will always are online payment tool.
        In May this year, the people's Bank of China announced the first batch of" payment business permit", pay treasure, money to pay bank business, pass, fast money on Internet common third party payment companies complete license. On August, the central bank announced the second batch of 13 home and third party payment list of licensed, one of 6 covering the Internet payment service in a cheering, Internet third party payment finally bid farewell to the" dark period of development", a legal status.
        The first quarter of 2011 Chinese third party payment transaction scale reached 365000000000 yuan. Industry estimates, in 2012 China's Internet online payment market is expected to reach 1.6 yuan. In the Internet payment market is valued generally in the atmosphere; the third party payment the issuance of a license for Internet payment development adds significant weight.
        The Internet should be thoroughly integrated into people's daily life, willing to online content consumption, as well as to network through all kinds of daily consumption payment, will be important markers. In this sense, the network pays platform specification and maturation is not only a commercial and economic significance, but also has the profound social significance.
      09, search engines provide multiple services
        How the mass of news in the shortest time to pick out the most useful one, committed to the news search instantly search and Pangu search can solve your troubles; goods than three but again afraid of trouble, shopping comparison search a Amoy network can discern your demand; want to have a look others in micro-blog what to say Sina micro-blog, independent search engine to help you think. In 2011," Baidu search", Chinese Internet users have more choices. Not only that, in the purchase of a book, a collection of CD, search engines can also be" I love you", you recommend you might be interested in products. This is a recommendation engine, it attempts to read your heart.
        In 2011, the search industry evolution genes are under reconstruction. Domestic Internet giants at the search engine market segments of the tremendous potential fight both with open and secret means has begun. In November, Tencent launched a new round of large-scale search marketing activities; strange tiger 360 also announced its intention to enter the field of search engines. Search by virtue of" search + browser + input method¡± effect of the integration of the rapid top begins to make a profit. Sina micro-blog Kang launched search page independently.
        Continuous segments of the search platform, the more accurate search results, and the user will be the biggest beneficiaries. So, let us together" reap profit at other's expense".
      10, the Internet IPO tides
        In 2010, the domestic Internet companies erupted after an absence of 7 years in the United States listed tide. 2011, Wall Street of China Internet Corps added 8 new members. Strange tiger 360, all company, net Qin, century beautiful predestined relationship, the phoenix new media, Tudou, Taomi net in the United States listed.
        However, the pomp full of worries. Because the Chinese concept stocks had been excessive speculation, some Chinese Listed Companies in the integrity crisis, coupled with the overseas capital market on China's economic slowdown, high inflation worries, shorting the Chinese concept stock undercurrent surging, overseas capital market on the Chinese concept stocks become increasingly cautious. At least, thunder, royal literature and handle net has proven the coolness, repeatedly postponed overseas IPO plan. In October this year, China¡¯s first list in the U.S. Interset company -- investment group filed for bankruptcy;      November, royal network announcement, the first quarter of next year to complete the delisting.
        In 2011, fever of the overseas market begins to drop in temperature. Domestic Internet companies in the accumulation of experience in dealing with the Wall Street are more rational. After the baptism of wind and rain, Chinese Internet enterprises are in the pursuit of hope that IPO would go firmlier.
¡°Chinese Internet develops ten big trends" by the people's Daily" new media" edition, Research Institute jointly issued. Selection object in Chinese Internet domain is influential, forward the significance of events, phenomenon and trend. At the end of each released results.
        " 2011 China's Internet development ten big trends" selection activity starting from December 10th, the people's Daily" new media" edition, Research Institute based on the 2011 China Internet domain observation, advance to straighten out 16 trends as a candidate. Subsequently, invited the industry, academia, government authorities as an expert to participate in the selection, voting. To December 20th voting, received a total of 15 experts ( list attached ) feedback and voting results. People's Daily" new media" edition, institute according to the number of votes a candidate event level sort, screening out the most representative of China in 2011 ten big trends of development of the Internet.
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