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The era of the 3G mobile becomes to the users new favorite in OA
        With the popularization of 3G network, the output of the intelligent mobile phone and tablet PC grow rapidly. And the users who access and dealing information through mobile wireless internet also meet the explosive growth in the development of large-scale. Mobile office market not only has become the focus and hotspot, but also accelerated the pace of mobile information age.
        Operators promote the development of 3G mobile network and the variety of mobile office needs, thus a faster processing speed, broader business coverage and more easy usage, more convenient coordination office software has become to the new favorite of mobile OA. How to use the OA system and 3G mobile technology effectively bridging interactions will determine the OA firm competitiveness and market position. It will once again reshuffle the OA market.
        According to the demand for mobile office network poll, in thousands of voters, with 85% of voters believe that not even in the office can also be efficient office. Voters generally think that mobile office and collaboration advantage is easy (96%), high (93%), better balance work and life (72%) and (62%) to reduce travel expenses. Prior to IDC had expected by 2013, the Asia-Pacific region will have 734.5 million business people to take the mobile office, accounted for 62% of the total in the world.
        When the mobile OA suddenly became a popular topic, has 14 years of history, the synergy OA industry application success rate first million households did not surprise; when the various manufacturers of the new business opportunities very excited, 10 thousand quite calm; because in the million eyes, mobile OA is not simply a OA derivatives, not a smart mobile phone accessories, but a real revolution in office, an epoch-making management evolution.
        Million mobile OA create new system for mobile phone
        Only a short while ago, when applied to a PC Windows onto the mobile phone when the intelligent mobile phone, as a new concept was born. However, when the big screen into a small screen, the mouse has become a small mobile phone pen, the concept of intelligent mobile phone has many people holding mobile phone hard hit quietly retired. Until Android, IOS, BlackBerry OS designed for mobile phone and made available to bring mobile phone operating system, application of a transformation, so the smart mobile phone real bloom.
        In early 2002, 10 thousand began to concern the mobile OA market, and from the intelligent mobile phone development realized mobile OA truth -- not OA like windows moved to mobile phone, but specifically for mobile phone developed a new set of intelligent OA system, which is now the million mobile OA -- evo. From the day of its birth, Evo unique smart features, the most prominent is the evo is not just for the convenience of management and design, but to the entire staff will be completely liberated from the side of the computer.
To be completely liberated from employees computer, mobile OA cannot just stay at the OA level, also must make good use of the advantages of intelligent mobile phone, and the depth of integration.
        The integration of million mobile OA and intelligent mobile phone
        Mobile OA is not OAs derivatives, is also not mobile phone accessories, mobile OA so, not only must have the OA function, must also be with the intelligent mobile phone integration.
        Relative to the PC and notebook computers, intelligent mobile phone has many advantages, such as the call, photographs, location, information push, information synchronization, in addition, also leading to the mobile phone, mobile phone messages, mobile phone, and mobile phone reading micro-blog communities such as the new mode of experience.
        In million smart mobile OA -- Evo, not only has the OA features, more fully integrated intelligent mobile phone advantages. In the most basic call function as an example, we are willing to move OA to open the enterprise mail list, find the contact person, copy mobile phone number, and then use mobile phone dialing call each other, after a call to find the original flow or mail to handle it, or the like in Evo directly click on the contact and communication, and processing process or mail?
        Another example of a simple mail list, we are willing to in mobile OA taking enterprise mail list, and then copied to the mobile phone mail list, and manually update, or the like in Evo automatically synchronize two mail list?
        Million mobile OA is an epoch-making management evolution
        Million mobile OA -- Evo Evolution (the name comes from the English word evolution), as we know, the real intelligent mobile OA will give the organization brought a new revolution in office, an epoch-making management evolution.
        Several years ago, once the cross-boundary management organization, abnormal trouble, OA birth brought a field office mode revolution, let the organization broke the region bound. Now, mobile OA also brought a new revolution, let the organization to get rid of the restriction of a computer.
        Now we imagine, when all employees regardless of the road or on the toilet, can make office, the overall efficiency will increase the number of. Imagine, managers do not need to doubt whether the sales staff visit the customer on, because the mobile OA positioning function will staff the location information to show be crystal clear, even when the employee in the report, also can be directly hung on the customer site to discuss photos of pleasure, for managers, it will be what kind of mood.
        And then imagine when one person alone to remote places for customer service, all the way around, boring, difficult is isolated and helpless. However, with Evo, the staff of the surrounding scenery humanities can be shot down, to the enterprise micro-blog or internal forum, the colleague of the company to share, lonely where field problem, Evo timely and as far away as Beijing headquarters and distribution of colleagues around the world to discuss how to communicate.
        This is the evo strength, the office revolution, and the evolutionary value of management.
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