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¡°Triple play" is applied to culture industry
        Seventeen sessions of six CCP plenary conferences promoting the telecommunication network, the broadcasting network, and the Internet" triple play" to build the national new media integrated broadcasting platform, to innovate business form, and to play all kinds of information network facilities. To realize the prosperity of cultural industry becoming the pillar one, it¡¯s a higher requirement to information technology than before. In the early 1998, our country put forward" triple play", and the plan was included in four ¡°Five Plan¡±  among the "Nine Five" to the" Twelfth Five-Year Plan" after. But at present, the" triple play" still dissociate with the culture industry, and doesn¡¯t  complete formed from " tool" to " power and content " in digital technology. The formation of this state, except that the departments have some differences in distribution of interests and administrative barriers, there is a deeper reason for only regarding new generation of information technology in the ¡°triple play" as the supporting of cultural industry. That may ignores the content of ¡°triple play", separates the organic link in information and cultural content innovation, system innovation and other aspects.
        In applying the" triple play" to the culture industry, it can use the Japanese experience for reference. " Ikky¨± San"," cherry"," crayon Shinchan"," machine cat" cartoon image in the world known, recent Japanese Ministry of foreign affairs is one of several classic image as a cultural ambassador, widely used in international cultural exchange. These are widely spread and influence of the cultural image of the set, and Japan is closely related to information technology. Computer, mobile phone, Internet and other digital products and technology into the cultural industry, the digital content industry has become Japan's cultural industry strategic focus. As Japan's" white 2009" digital content expressed:" digital cause regardless of who they are can share information, occupation and amateur between fences were removed"," digital expansion with mail, web, mobile Internet, mobile phone information, video mail and so on new areas, create a new way of life, culture, custom, commercial."
        By other's faults, wise men correct their own. In our country," triple play" has become the momentum force, and it will make the cultural industry more brilliant as soon as the" triple play" is applied to culture industry. For this, we should start with following aspects.
1. Apply the science and technology factors of ¡°triple play" to the modern culture industry
        " Triple play" as a modern video, computer, communication, network as a new generation of integrated information technology, with digital, open, efficient, virtual, interactive, user-friendly features, implementation " triple play" will mark a new digital culture industry era, through the " triple play" the property of science and technology into the culture industry, brings new cultural forms, satisfy contemporary person on the culture of large quantity of information, information channels, timeliness strong, fast and convenient standard requirements. To the people," triple play" is a three screen fusion, namely the integration of mobile phone, TV and computer screen. Communication and video business can be in a web and interconnect in three terminals. Now we can see whatever we want with good quality playing, wide source program and culture content instead of seeing what the TV plays. A net unified fee takes place of three bull fee for, and packing down, saving time and labor, save money. One route can register the residence takes place to repeat wiring and three network construction. The expert predicts" triple play" will allow households to save at least four hundred or five hundred yuan per household per year expenses, state at least annually save hundreds of billion investment.
2. Put the advanced ¡°triple play" into the modern culture industry
         According to European Union put forward a "digital content industry" concept," triple play" is the essence of cultural information," triple play" frontier content refers to the content development, content innovation, form the most cutting-edge new cultural industry. ¡°Triple play" complies with the law of the development of contemporary information industry, and it¡¯s advantage changes from hardware to software, creation and technology to content. Therefore," triple play" has not only refers to the information technology industry, but also the information technology industry and cultural content industry merging form, in the" triple play" Application of mobile phone, will expand the current mobile phone culture, the application of high speed network, presents the new culture of the network, new network concept of supervision and regulation means, will promote the civilization to manage a network, Internet civilization, public awareness, social practice, the system of norms, the formation of a new network culture. ¡°Triple play" can drive of creative industry development. In the" triple play", network technology and culture content is to supplement each other, be inextricably involved, through the" triple play" frontier content continuously enhance the cultural industry independent innovation ability, communication ability.
3. Blend the core competitiveness of ¡°triple play" into the culture industry
        Europe and the United States on the creative cultural industry has been in our cultural market in a strong competitiveness, this from a" Avatar" film in Chinese film market popularity, can see a and how it is, let our information industry and cultural industry" be filled with wisdom". Our 3D and 4D technology to culture creative industry competition ability, or by accelerating the" triple play" in the international cultural market to Europe and the United States on the international cultural industry output" overlord" pattern reversal, to strengthen our country in the international cultural industry market position. " Triple play " is a cultural development mode change, enhance industrial competition ability is an important content of" triple play", implementation is not broadcasting, communications, computer network three network physical fusion, and fundamentally change the traditional radio communication" opposite"," point-to-point" telecommunications, computer storage time extension, to the cultural content of the acquisition, production, storage, transmission, reception, and broadcaster and audience interaction brings about a fundamental change, it is to promote the information culture industry development the important sign that enters new level, information and cultural integration is a major practice. If our country can take the lead in" triple play¡± core competitiveness in China 's cultural resources and cultural market, will form a huge international competitiveness of cultural industry.
4. The fusion of the system innovation of ¡°triple play" and the modern culture industry
        ¡°Triple play" is the information system construction project, there must be suitable for the project of this one system the new system to advance and operation, this system will be fully reflected the demands of the information age, break administrative division, department interest bound, also be sure to bring major effect of culture system. The" subversion" of traditional cultural group regional concept, appeared the new transnational cultural organization. Not only in a state of cultural industry, cross-regional new cultural organizations have emerged. Such as, our country appeared in recent years a number of thing ministry provincial television jointly, by the strength of the eastern television station on the Western television channels by satellite business hosting, video production and broadcast network common quality programs, build a virtual network culture industry organization; some provinces culture publication group across the city to the other book publishing company mergers, carried out through the network publishing business, built a network entity industry alliance; in the international cultural industry chain, transnational enterprise culture is born in great quantities, based on high-speed network and electronic payment system of the international online publishers, the emergence of a large number of bookstores, traditional regional paper publishers, bookstores based on huge impact; technology of contemporary information network game enterprises, set up the international animation industry alliance, while in all creation, in an enterprise synthetic works, make animation game from childhood hobby, to influence the world of different races, different countries, different culture, different populations of the enormous size of the cultural industry, in the United States, Japan and other countries, animation and game companies to create the product not only higher than that of other culture Industry, and higher than that of a large part of the service industry, manufacturing industry.
        This system innovation will be helpful for cultural industry market operation, change the culture industry of system of long-term planned economy from chronic illness, reduces our country and the developed countries in the world cultural difference, enhance information and cultural driving force, strengthen the culture industry innovation support, this system into the new cultural industry, will promote the prosperity of cultural industries, accelerate the development of our country 's pillar industry.
5. Blend the human-centered into cultural industry
        American apple company in a short span of 3 years, of intelligent mobile phone, tablet PC industry from scratch, now holding the world IT industry" leader", the global IT creative system and make a great contribution, it is with the company is one to understand art innovation and enterprise management CEO inseparable, because the information industry needs to understand the art of compound talents. Instead, we should change the way of cultural development, the development of cultural and creative industries, it is necessary to make the field of information talent, including the" triple play " strategic planning personnel, operation of the industry personnel, business management personnel, investment and financing talent, innovation talents of science and technology, the content of original design talents in culture industry, culture each culture industry sector generalist. Through the" triple play" and other information of personnel involved in the development of cultural industry, cultural industry to the world development trend of cultural industry, enhance competitive consciousness, market consciousness, industry consciousness, for the cultural industry thriving and prosperous do personnel preparation. Through the cultivation of knowledge information, but also in the cultural industry, cultural market, understand the industry, industry, enterprise characteristics of the compound talents, improve the operation level of China s cultural industry. Implementation of information and cultural integration is not only in the culture industry to improve the level of information, is more important to play culture characteristics, applying modern culture has the main planning, design, radiation, creating characteristics, actively participate in the national knowledge innovation system construction, enrich and promote the national knowledge innovation system of the content and content, this is also the special needs a master information and cultural fusion team participation.
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