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The six elements of Mobile Internet profit pattern to optimize industrial chain

        There are six problems in the safety of mobile internet industrial chain, including bandwidth with low flow, high fee, low terminal popularity rate, short battery life, and the gap of terminal and APP business model, the safety of mobile phones.
        Talking about the mobile phone safety, the intelligent mobile phone users are more and more along with the modern communication means progress. However, intelligent mobile phone is not only a mobile phone. It may also be a GPS device, camera, games, Web entrance, etc. More precisely, it is a palm computer with an Internet connection.
        As a result of this mobile phone can also store personal information, contact information, photos, video, and even some of the sensitive information, thus ensuring its safety. Employees may have used a variety of mobile phone security software protection, and ensure that can prevent the virus, Trojan, can even accurate intercept rubbish short message, and may use a variety of ways to say, some mobile phone security software also allows the user to customize the black and white list.
        These six elements, the battery life is the first to be broken, affect battery life time by a factor of three, battery, LCD screen and a processor. The first two involve price, also with ¡°terminal popularity rate is not high¡± is closely related to, the last one in relation to the microprocessor manufacturers. Netizen ¡°lonely tiny melody" prediction of battery in the next year the year after next should be able to solve, the Internet practitioner Li Tao that "the battery is not a big problem, and take a mobile power supply".
        ARM Company released this year energy-saving chip Cortex-A7, its energy consumption is only1/5 of A8, the performance has greatly improved. Influence of the ARM, Intel also actively promote CPU SoC. Duke University Department of computer science graduate student Justin Manville 's developed a SleepWell software, is also expected to make the mobile phone battery life doubled.
        Bandwidth is not wide and the price is too high, and business management consultant Hu Zhihai attributed to" policy issues " photograph comparing, mobile Internet Development Engineer Fang Yuqiang's analysis further:" the bandwidth and the tariff issue, which belongs to the infrastructure and foundation system." He believed that," the operating chamber to expand in the infrastructure investment and establish more reasonable price to attract customers".
        Have similar enthusiasm, still the netizen" simple love":" operators need to change the idea of adjustment, and road traffic, the road is not smooth, economy cannot get rapid development and prosperity." Mocha CEO Song Xiaofei and Shen Wei argue that the only Internet manager operator.
        Like China Mobile Research Institute president Huang Xiaoqing once said that," the unit cost will drop, but it with new technology to reduce the unit cost, the maximum pressure is entering the 4G".
        The prospect of 3G, even 4G, is the problem between the operators in the final analysis. The previous era of China Mobile2G command warlords, and now the 3G era, China Telecom and China Unicom and display one's skill to the full. Visible, the settlement of these two problems, the key lays in the operator between the games and to please consumers a matter of expediency.
        Responding to recent" antitrust investigation", even if rates" future is not optimistic", a senior media Centaur Weiqiang said:" bandwidth is not wide have NDRC help us to take the lead in the2012, to be different."
        Simply talking about terminal penetration as well as commercial pattern problem, although Li Kaifu stands on a mobile Internet era should be the pattern of ¡°one maintain the function of three¡± and putting 70% project on mobile applications of innovation works. However, the overall views of the heroes is ¡°The ability decides efficiency ", or "People's subjective consciousness". But is not terrible for 2012 will be the popularity year of intelligent mobile phone. So it is expected that by the end of mobile intelligent machine will enter the peak of popularity. As for the business model is not mature, it need five years to develop a habit for pre-pay.

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