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The analysis between" Cloud computing" and the Internet building in China
        Recent years, the strong anabiosis in worldwide Internet economy will make a clean sweep of the negative influence which was brought by the bursting of the Internet bubble at the beginning of twenty-first Century. With Web2.0, micro-blog, SNS business as the representative of the new business pattern, in order to networking, virtualization, network integration as the representative of the new technology and chip capacity, broadband access, wireless networks represented the basis of technical innovation, to the Internet industry to further rapid development and industry transformation into the new power. Among these, cloud computing is an exciting and revolutionary driving force.
        Cloud computing as a new business model is a new technology. Its impact on Internet is far-reaching. Cloud computing is mainly about public ones on Internet architecture and security impact is mainly reflected in its resource deployment mode and technical realization. Especially the cloud computing environment, data center distribution and deployment of significant effects on Internet architecture.
        Global data center operations over the next few years will maintain rapid growth, the annual compound growth rate of more than 20%, among them the fastest rate of cloud computing. In 2008, although affected by financial crisis, the domestic Internet data center growth rate dropped, but the growth rate is still up to 39.1%. Restore basically at present nearly 50% growth rates. China data center market three basic operators occupy large segments, market share of over 60%.
        Data center for larger scale, a higher degree of concentration, export bandwidth higher reliability, more demanding, so the Internet architecture impact compared to common data center more, its influence from the metropolitan area network, backbone network and network interconnection of three aspects of analysis.
        1.The influence on the security of metropolitan area network architecture
Cloud data centers and traditional data center, the nearest access metropolitan area network also is a major deployment. In particular the non-carriers data center uses this situation may be even more prevalent. As the cloud data centers tend to the whole network to provide services, how to triage and optimization of these data center traffic will be metropolitan area network challenge.
        On one hand, cloud computing business operators according to their business flow characteristics, through the calculation of the distribution of CDN similar to the principle of optimizing their own system and network strategy, reduce data center to access metropolitan area network pressure. On the other hand, Internet operator or ISP needs to plan their own network, implementation of shunt flow and optimization.
        At present our country main operator of Internet are basically flat structure, metropolitan area network directly on the backbone node. According to metropolitan area network data center and the scale of the distribution, increase the number of backbone node multidirectional connection or reserve this plan is a positive solution. In addition, metropolitan area network IDC access routing equipment and export routing equipment deployment and the ability to share should explore partition and cluster model. For the ISPISP it may also be cloud data centers, multiple lines connected to different operators, or for the data center operators access the backbone nodes are a positive solution.
        The man charged with the user access to the enormous pressure, the volume of business for the network service of cloud computing services, gradually establish a service oriented architecture is very important.
        2.The influence on backbone network architecture
        In order to improve the data center service ability and influence, operators' own data center will be as close as possible to the backbone network nodes. As carriers of data center also can develop a rental business, thus a portion of the third cloud computing business will be through the rental room access backbone network.
        Operator backbone network in general is not direct business, but cloud computing may be mass change this situation. How to guarantee the cloud computing business impacts on backbone networks will be the backbone conformation division faces the important task.
        The traditional Internet business emphasizes" the nearest service", so the source distribution, distribution of users and operators infrastructure basically are positively correlated, for China, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and other broadband user scale is larger, better infrastructure and the provinces and cities also have the most information resources. With this condition corresponds to the network traffic from all over the country to the cyber source developed area centrally, formed in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and several other key Internet flow concentration.
        In the cloud computing environment, large scale data center is the trend. At this point the data center energy consumption costs will be cloud providers to focus on the issue. For example, Google companies in multiple locations with approximately 12 exclusive data center, running approximately one million servers, even without considering data center router, switch devices such as power consumption, only the server power demand will reach 500 megawatts, equivalent to half of San Francisco Downtown power consumption. So Google company as much as possible selection in power is rich in resources, geographical conditions, there are few natural disasters safe place building data centers, such as cloud computing data center built in OREGON hydropower station nearby, or the establishment such as Belgium, at a temperature lower than the local, to use natural air cooling.
        Our country western and northeastern areas because of natural conditions temperature advantage and manpower cost, will become a large cloud operators focus on the deployment of regional, cloud data center deploy mode to the user and the source as the center to center energy to change, from east to west, East, north region development will become a trend. This change of to the user and the source as the center of the backbone network architecture and configuration of equipment put forward new requirement. Backbone network architecture must pay attention to this kind of change, make response, security for cloud computing business and traditional business effective bearing.
        3.The influence on the security of network interconnection architecture
        Data center network interworking between seems to have little effect, but in fact it is not. Due to historical reasons, China's Internet backbone network between several major in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and three interconnected, other place and no Internet or exchange center. All provinces, metropolitan area and metropolitan area between network service visits must be approved by three rounds. Since Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and three belong to the broadband user larger, better infrastructure and the provinces and cities in eastern China, can basically meet the Internet traffic is relatively concentrated business needs. Cloud data center appeared, especially data center from east to west, from north to south the development trend of the transformation, the traditional interconnection bottlenecks, it is difficult to guarantee the cloud computing era of Internet network business needs, this requires the network interconnection architecture to adjust and optimize.
        In the United States of America Internet network interconnection architecture, are essential in the dense population and large business city in the establishment of direct and exchange center, a large number of. This is a market-oriented natural selection. Reference foreign experience, to meet the future of cloud data center business needs, in the western new network direct connection between the point or exchange center, expanding the existing network architecture, improve network reliability and operational efficiency is a kind of ideal solution.
        Cloud computing is just started in our country, the large scale data center is also in the planning and construction phase, the future of cloud computing development there are still many uncertainties. To repair the house before it rains, it is a long term important task to be ready for the future needs, considering for the network structure optimization in advance, or actively reserving structure adjustment scheme.
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