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The situation of 3G trends to equilibrium and the broadband speed of first half of the year exceed expectations
        Despite the complex and changing international economic environment, our country economy appeared some new changes, but the Chinese telecommunication industry development still maintained good development momentum. Held in July 25th 2012 first half of the year industry and communications industry development situation of the press conference, the Ministry of industry and information technology of member of leading Party group, chief engineer Zhu Hongren reported on the first half of China's communication industry operation, " the first half of the year, the Chinese telecommunication industry run mode situation is smooth, informatization construction obtained new progress."
        Newest statistic data shows, 2012 first half of the year, the national telecommunications business gross totaled 637.6 trillion Yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.9%; realize business income 578.04 trillion Yuan, grow 12.1% compared to the same period; new investment in fixed assets 148.56 trillion Yuan, grow 3.8% compared to the same period.
        Market steady growth and our country is carrying out "advance steadily" series of measures related. Zhu Hongren pointed out, the steady growth of industrial communication industry development foundation. On 2012, industry and information system will be steady growth is put in more significant position, to accelerate the adoption of broadband China Construction, encourage the private enterprises to enter the field of telecommunications and other policies and measures, to ensure the smooth running of the communication industry.
        3G situation trends to equilibrium
        3G licensing since, three big operators continue to increase input on the web, the mobile Internet as an opportunity, through a wide range of business and the rich mobile applications, to promote 3G permeability. Especially the intelligent terminal threshold was decreased and the 3G tariff cut, inspired a user turn rate and consumer enthusiasm.
        Statistics show, 1-6 month, accumulative total of countrywide mobile telephone users increased by 65.727million, reaching 1051.98million households. Mobile phone users, 3G users add 47.33million, achieve 1757.53million. The 3G user penetration rate reached 16.7%.
        More important is, in the 3G user scale development, between operator markets gradually tends to the equilibrium. As of the end of year 6, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom 3G users accounted for 38.2%, 32.8%, 29%, " the three " basic shape.
        At the same time, the first half of the year mediocre performance of the 3G market is expected to erupt later. China Merchants Securities that, relative to the first half of the year off-season, heat hurried, portage, national week will drive 3G users strong growth, in addition, the second half of the volume of low level intelligent machine, also will pull in the lower end of the domestic user replacement demand, promoting the increase in the number of 3G users.
        Broadband speed exceeds expectations
        Informatization construction for stimulating the growth of national economy played a crucial role. In the current rapid development of mobile Internet, cloud computing, network integration and other new business, broadband speed has become the core driving force.
        Zhu Hongren points out, current, informatization construction to guide and stimulate consumption plays an increasingly important role, but the information infrastructure construction still is put in certain difference, must increase strength, strengthen broadband information infrastructure construction, speed up the popularization of ftth.
        In fact, in 2012, the state began to actively promote the implementation of the strategy of broadband in China, and the Ministry of information industry took the lead in starting broadband penetration of speed-raising project this year, clear the development target. Ministry of information industry and the communication development secretary Zhang Feng summed up in the first half of the year broadband penetration speed the progress of the project when indicated, since the project is carried out, going very smoothly, early identification of the objectives are completed half, each index of super early expectations.
        According to introducing, as at the end of 6, the use of 4M and above broadband access products users ratio reached 54% more by the end of 2011, up 14 percentage points, of which 12 provinces user ratio exceeds 60%; add FTTH covering family of more than 2.3million households; fixed broadband access to the Internet home of more than 100million households; the national average unit price as compared to the bandwidth at the end of 2011, fall 18.7%.
        In order to promote broadband speed universal project implementation, various provinces and cities nationwide communications departments to actively promote the introduction of local implementation of guidance, Shanghai, Sichuan provinces introduced in place of FTTH mandatory construction standards, actively strive for broadband construction in urban and rural planning. At the national level, Zhang Feng discloses, Ministry of industry and information technology are combined with development and Reform Commission and other 11 departments to actively promote the ¡°broadband China " strategy formulation.
        Of course, the ultimate goal is to enhance the speed broadband Internet users experience, which will be broadband access rate, the bandwidth of network interconnection, terminal performance as well as the site of load and other factors, at the same time, the increase of the number of users will also accompany the network expansion of demand.
        ¡°Broadband penetration speed is project of a system, but also a long-term task.¡± Zhang Feng said, the second half of the year, Ministry of industry and information technology will promote the implementation of the project from four aspects : one is to continue to urge enterprises to do a good construction plan, increase investment, improve access network, metropolitan area network, backbone network and network interconnection between the network link capacity; two is actively guide enterprises to adopt Internet website optimization website design, increase website access bandwidth, enhance the service capabilities and service levels, improve user experience; three is the formulation of relevant standards, the speed test method, service quality standard; the four is to strengthen the propaganda and guidance, to the public popularity impact speed factors, improve the speed of technology and other aspects of knowledge.
        Civilian endowment enter promotes synergism
        In the complex economic environment, in the closed state of the telecommunications industry needs to integrate into the new elements of innovation, stimulate the transformation of the telecommunications industry, and promote the domestic economy steadily. Introduce civilian capital, this was spoken of for many years, but because the threshold is too high and no substantial progress task, this was again put on the agenda, and had signs of loosening.
        In June this year, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the " on encouraging and guiding the private capital to further into the telecom industry executive opinion " ( hereinafter referred to as the " executive opinion " ), put forward to encourage private capital to enter the telecommunications industry in eight areas, including mobile resale business, broadband access service and the Internet and other communications industry development at present focus, focus and one of the fastest growing areas of. Reportedly, at present, the Ministry of industry and information technology being developed for encouraging and guiding the private capital entering into the telecom industry pilot program, and will appear in the near future.
        For ¡°executive opinion ", many experts point out that, closed for many years in the telecommunications industry finally to gradually open to private capital, is the substantial progress, to civilian battalion enterprise, this is a great opportunity. For the telecommunications industry, the new capital to enter and new innovation will also bring the industry a new round of growth.
        In Zhang Feng's view, compared with state-owned enterprises, private enterprises have unique advantages. On one hand, private enterprises flexible operation mechanism, the market reflect agile, decision-making speed; on the other hand, the private enterprise innovation the strong power, introduce civilian capital, will bring more vitality to the telecommunications market, also will be the development of private enterprises bring more vast space.
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