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Cloud computing virtual interactive promotes the rapid development of broadcasting and television industry
        Broadband Chinese strategy, convergence and the next generation of radio and television network construction for the development of cloud computing in the broadcasting industry development offered rare opportunity, cloud computing is introduced is bound to accelerate industry competition, improve their competitiveness, technology level and service capabilities. Cloud technologys development changes the original competition, industrial and business in the field of broadcasting and television industry.
        In the current technical conditions, each business system are independent of each other, each other between contacts, the unrelated structure is not conducive to the promotion of the development of network convergence. Triple play future business is not only a communication or broadband information business forms, their business integration with broadband and multimedia communication characteristic, this model needs to construct open service platform.
        In terms of content can be shared media resources, to achieve the maximum utilization of resources. Radio and television field has the mass of audio, video file storage, conversion and use. Radio and television stations, program integration platform, cable TV operators such as rich media content, and other resources, but due to technical limitations and the closed system of media asset management system, resulting in a large number of media resources utilization efficiency is low. The existing resource system for cloud computing transformation can achieve content resource digitization, mass storage, data sharing, searching and form a strong content production capacity, improve the efficiency of resource use, rich programs.
        Vice General Engineer Song Yichun that CCTV has a media resource system, to which thousands of data retrieval, each device needs some 10 core CPU, but now are resource pool, the initial configuration of the 4 kernel, the initial retrieval time is 4 seconds, feel the speed is not very ideal, then in the back added storage resources, was added to the 8 kernel, the enlargement of the system memory, the retrieval time is 1.8 seconds, thus greatly improving the working efficiency.
        In the service aspect, cloud computing technology in power broadcasting to digital networks and bidirectional transformation, to provide interactive integrated information service. Cloud computing in the enhancement of new media content production and development for multiple platforms, multimedia, multi terminal model program form has the advantage. In addition, cloud computing technology but also by mining user data, help and analyze user behavior, for different time in different groups to provide more targeted programs and advertisements.
        Song Yichun says now by cloud unified provides several modes: " one is based on resource service, this one mode in CCTV new site applications, the so-called basic resource service, as part of an application are outsourced, platform service provided by the company, including the entire database, middleware, outsourcing part is just an application. In addition, the company also offers SAAS, provide services directly to users, these patterns within the company have. "
        Cloud computing technology in the broadcasting field application and development of radio and television, because of particularity, cloud computing data safety the industry has also been widespread concern from all walks of life. Thus required by business needs analysis according to the different characteristics of radio and television business, application requirements and safety requirements for scientific classification, finding out can make full use of the advantage of the application of cloud computing service.
        Can start from the office system, server virtualization, reduce hardware and software procurement cost and energy consumption, high technical requirements in the IT link, TV and radio, the packing synthesis, transcending, multimedia retrieval, introduced into the cluster computing, distributed processing technology, improve the related business operating efficiency and production quality.
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