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The business of Unicom flow leads 3G

        Following with the Unicom 3G user growths was not only reversed a decline in June and July, but also realized the inflection point rise, and achieve the net users exceeded 3million in July. It jumped to three carriers of the first, a number of institutions on its development impetus are valued, the cautious subsidies and user scale will bring strong profitability.

        The 2012 semi-annual report released in August 23rd confirmed these views. According to the announcement, China Unicom first half of the year 125.292billion Yuan revenue, an increase of 19.9%; attributable to shareholders of the parent company net profit of 1,155million Yuan, an increase of 32%; the basic earnings per share 0.0545 Yuan. While at the same time, moving in July 3G adds user number is only 1.901million, annulus comparing glides 916,000.

Several institutions have followed adjustable high school Unicom ratings, that investment opportunity has come, China Unicom into 3G based flow management in new era.

        Benefit flow operating

        In the interim, Unicom mobile business income has a structural change. The service revenue increased more than the industry average increase of 4.1 percentage points; mobile service to service the contribution of income reached 59%, non-voice business income to service the contribution of income reached 52.4%.

In the southern key developed provinces, China Unicom flow income even occupied three into. This indicates that China Unicom is committed to creating a 3G operator new image has been preliminary market success, preliminary understood flow management method.

        The first half of the year, China Unicom continued to strengthen in the hearts of users of mobile Internet image experts, high-quality terminal means, attract high-end users to join. At the same time, the company has introduced 2G " to hit ", stabilize and expand the 2G user base, with nearly 400,000 users were also launched in the first half of 20 Yuan of prepaid card preferential business attraction, successfully converted to 3G users, become China Unicom 3G growth of new recruits.

        More subtly, " free to play " has nothing to do with China Unicom 's mobile Internet expert impact, Guangdong Unicom subsequently launched a night time 3G flow " free play " business, in 5 Yuan 1GB, 10 Yuan 5GB inviting a monthly subscription packages, the success of education market, cause the market after holding. Subsequently the local Unicom have followed suit, even in many provinces are also constantly follow telecom.

        In addition to the weak - volume flow is guided by the market, China Unicom in mobile Internet strategy relative to the neutral, in order to maximize the open resources, to attract high-quality content partners, so as to enhance the user's 3G business behavior. Included with apple, Samsung such international terminal manufacturer¡¯s cooperation, and constantly improve the intelligent mobile phone¡¯s influence and popularity rate.

China Unicom also focuses on solid flow management base. The notice shows that the first half of the year, China Unicom base station 43,000 new 3G, HSPA+ covering the city to expand to 77.

        Improve profitability

        Flow management to enhance the China Unicom 's market position and brand influence, bring direct effect size natural enhance profitability, while China Unicom has also been introducing optimization marketing strategy and channel policy, prompted the first half net profit growth of three into.

According to the announcement, in the first half of 2012 accumulative total net Unicom 3G user 17.511million, the total number of 3G subscribers reached 57.53million; a user ARPU and mobile phone users monthly average data flow to maintain the level of industry-leading, respectively 91.8 Yuan and 138.3MB; 3G service revenue to double, reaching 2.775billion Yuan, the scale effect gradually.

        Guotai Junan said, China Unicom 's profitability by 3GARPU value decreases and the cost rate effects, recovery is a long-term process, but the mobile phone subsidy ratio to fall, 3G business profitability gets more attention, also shows that China Unicom growth is more security.

In 2012 the subsidy policy to the development of contract users, ¡°storage charges to send mobile phone ¡°in the form of the main. Cultivating the market more mature, high-end users develop sufficient case, subsidy ratio will be reduced. In the 3G user rapid growth at the same time, contract user permeability fast promotion. Following the success of last year, the first 1000 Yuan intelligent mobile phone users and drives the rapid growth in the first half of 2012, China Unicom and further improve the 3G strategy to promote WCDMA terminal system, intelligent mobile phone price and permeability increase. As of June 30, 2012, China Unicom 3G user contract user the proportion reached 47.7%, from the end of last year increased 12.3 percentage points, 3G users to further optimize the structure of.

        In addition, China Unicom started from last year to expand channels of society, and from the first half of this year to develop electronic channels and was a great success, its profitability to improve play an important role. According to the newspaper, the first half of 2012 the company 3G business community channel sales contribution reached 60%, hall of business single room sales increased 37% over the same period. Focus on the future actively to build e-commerce platform, the sale of products launched online expansion of electronic channels influence of online business hall, the first half of 2012 turnover of 15billion Yuan breakthrough.


        The first half of 2012, the fixed net income growth, China Unicom fixed network services revenue grew 1.5%, reaching 42.89billion Yuan, among them, non-voice business revenues reached 69.1%, continued to improve the business structure.

        With the help of broadband China strategy implementation of the favorable opportunity to actively promote, Unicom broadband penetration and carries fast project, begin deep speed marketing. The first half of 2012 fixed-line broadband user accumulative total adds 4.876million completely, reach 60.527million households; fixed-line broadband services revenue grew 13%, reaching 20.07billion Yuan, accounting for fixed network service income ratio reached 46.8%, fixed broadband business has become the first major fixed-line business income pillar. Local telephone business continued to decline, the first half of 2012 implementation service income 15.55billion Yuan, drops 14.7% compared to the same period, decline gradually hasten delay.

Unicom pointed that the future will continue to actively promote fixed-line broadband as the core of the "fertile family¡± converged services to home users, providing integrated information services, enhancing the value.


        Make full use of the terminal, subsidies, focus on industry applications and channels of the marketing and incentive policy, drive 3G business acceleration scale, further improve the market share; actively and steadily promote GSM marketing mode transition, keeping GSM business stable development; promote the fixed-line broadband business continued to grow, increase the fusion product combination marketing efforts, maintain fixed network business stability.
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