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Following with the beginning of Internet Conference,the stock of triple play stars.

        Triple play concept stock trend of early active, Guangdong Media rose more than 4%, moreover, as at 10:56, Eastcom peace rises 3.92%, as the media up to 3.46%, two six three, radio and television network, the publication of the media are up more than 2%.

        The Internet congress held on 11 network concept is expected to wind up

        The 2012 China Internet Conference in September 11th will be held in the National Conference Center of Beijing. The conference aims to promote the exchange of domestic and international Internet industry professionals, promoting China's Internet industry's progress and development, is the largest of 2012 year Chinas top Internet event.

        Chinese Internet congress " is in the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Information Office of the State Council and other government institutions under the guidance of, by the China Internet association, Chinese Internet congress organizing committee to undertake Chinese Internet industry annual conference. China Internet conference theme settings and subjects selected for national economic development policy, has always been closely around the Chinese Internet industry trends, is the industry sorting out Chinese Internet development stages, and discuss the results of Internet industry prospects for development of high-end meeting.

        According to the insiders, broadband China strategy to drive a network infrastructure, optical communication industry, network integration, mobile Internet will become the central issue. Here, the market, the related concept of plate or the emergence of trading opportunities, worthy of attention.

        The financial sector chief analyst Zhao Huan thinks, broadband and convergence is nearly two years the communications industry continued hot, Congress will have good news is expected to face. A stock speculation is strong, suggested that the investor can buy ambush related concept stocks, once the news of the positive stimulus shares, to be out of temper, not quilt. At the same time with the focus of next generation Internet, broadband, China convergence attribute of the subject, such as stock, ZTE, balefire communication.

        Shun securities analyst Li Yongyao said, A shares after trillion investment to stimulate positive, market investment enthusiasm again warming. At this point, Internet congress is related to the stock with speculation logic. You can focus on mobile Internet industry, subdivision, may be concerned about the recent performance of mobile phone payment concept, such as information technology, business day analogy, national treasure, in the division of property, shares Hembly, Eastcom peace, new country. From two levels of market performance, such stocks mostly early have a larger decline, with the oversold rebound force. Short-term proposed an active interest of investors.

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