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The Telecom breakout in Triple play market

        At the beginning of 2010, the State Council issued the ¡°triple play " to promote the overall scheme, one stone arouses 1000 billow, come nearly two years around the convergence problem, the whole society in the heat. Especially in pilot job to carry out a year later, the industry was not the same sound, it is pointed out that integration is a false proposition, that depends on the policy and content regulation in China and other factors, convergence is difficult to advance. But from the industrial development situation and the international development trend of integration, the issue is not ¡°if to be fusion ", but ¡°how to integrate ¡°. Convergence has become an irreversible process.

        From the actual fusion process, China convergence generally has to go through three stages. It is respectively the ¡°one network ", ¡°the net ¡°and¡± whole network ". A network refers to the formation of a national network, the network is defined based on the unified national network for the entire business operations, and network is to achieve communication network, Internet and broadcasting television net comprehensive fusion. Current, radio and television networks is still in the stage of a network, telecommunication network, through the reorganization in 2008 after completing a to the whole business operators to change, the key to the future is a broadcasting and telecommunications networks and the internet. From the reality of integration path, the fusion business between TV network and Internet is Internet TV, radio and television network and the telecommunication network integration business is the IPTV and mobile phone television, telecommunications network and the Internet business is the integration of mobile internet. What need points out is, convergence is not be well-matched in strength of fusion, but broadcasting and telecommunications networks to Internet, absorption process.

        The telecom industry, the impact of convergence is in many aspects, not only has macroscopic, policy impact, and also has a middle level of industry, challenges, and the microscopic enterprise system obstacle.

        At the macro level, the policy for the development of the telecommunications industry has produced profound influence. In 2011, the national development and Reform Commission was launched on broadband antitrust investigation, although is not the final result, but this guide has been fully shows that the National Telecom, Unicom two operators broadband monopoly concerns. In addition, the Ministry by the end of June this year released the " on encouraging and guiding the private capital to further into the telecom industry executive opinion ", further shows the countries in encouraging and guiding the private capital entering the basic telecommunication business attitude, and the private capital to enter the mobile resale business as well as access network and resident network service in two fields. Such a policy, it will bring to telecom industry more competitive pressure.

        From the view point of view, the industry level is also very big challenge. In 2008 the telecommunication reorganization after the formation of the three telecom operators competes with each other, shopping market situation. Taking the campus market as an example, three operators in order to compete for the campus promotional activities of the admittance qualification, spare no effort to satisfy the preconditions, and continue to increase sales promotion strength, competition is very fierce. In the triple play in the process, the policy of open access conditions may be able to attract more carriers enter into this field, and competition may tends to white-hot.

        From a micro perspective, the telecommunications industry want to embrace the Internet, try moving in the Internet domain gains, but Internet enterprises and telecommunications operators in the business model have essential differences. Telecom operators operating mode is to develop detailed plan, and according to the scheme of advance and follow the prescribed order, Internet business model is very flexible, often based on market, technology changes at any time to adjust. This difference is because, the telecommunications industry organization to comply with the function of the system, from headquarters to subordinate branch, as well as various offices, team and group, until each of the positions of vertical structure, is very conducive to performance appraisal, helps to improve everyone's performance, but it is largely stifled innovation, destroyed the flexibility of organization. In contrast, the Internet Co mostly adopts the flat organizational structure, internal hierarchy is less, greatly shortens the feedback and product innovation process, improving the operational efficiency of enterprises, to help enterprises in the rapid change of the market and keep the lasting competition advantage. Thus, telecommunications and Internet essential differences lead to between the two has a larger fusion resistance.

        Then in such a context, telecom operators should how to ¡°break "? According to the judgment, the operator key breakthrough is still to the core ¡°telecommunications capability ¡°to control. Telecom operators of telecommunications mainly lie in two aspects: one is the bandwidth control, mobile Internet in the trend, voice continued to shrink, but the way people communicate is more diverse, regardless of is the use of micro message, flying or micro-blog communicate, the flow can pass through the telecommunications network, therefore telecom operators now big strategy is to promote the flow of business; two is in the hands of operators of large number of users and the accurate information of the user, operators of consumer data recording, analysis, mining, and then develop accurate user management and user referrals.

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