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The breakthrough in Triple play license

        Triple play the first batch of pilot has been more than two years time, plagued the triple play the biggest bottleneck -- two-way enter the license plate problem finally a breakthrough.

        On October 17th, the electricity broad media ( 000917.SZ ) releases announcement to say, its wholly-owned subsidiary of Hunan cable TV network (Group ) Limited by Share Ltd recently received a letter issued " on consent Hunan cable in cable television network based Internet access services, Internet data value-added services, domestic IP phone business reply " ( Department of Public Works letter tube the letter [2012 ] No. 456 ), agree with Hunan cable in Chang-Zhu-Tan area based on CATV Network Internet access services, Internet data value-added services, domestic IP telephone service.

        Before another radio operator Print-Rite video also received a similar Ministry approval.

        Another reporter has learned, for nearly two years the domestic fourth big operators China Radio and television network company ( hereinafter referred to as: the establishment of national network ), the Ministry also give a reply.

It is reported, the newly formed country network company will be funded by the Ministry of Finance 400million Yuan as the start of the registered capital, but the labor letter department has promised to be in the infrastructure operator license, Internet exports to new company and other telecommunications operators the same treatment, early return to the original unit time of the preparatory team is back the preparatory group, listing before the final preparation.

Two breakthroughs

        According to the mass media 's latest announcement, the basic completion of the provincial network integration of Hunan cable will be in accordance with the Department of Public Works letter issued waivers to the Hunan Provincial Communication Management Bureau for filing for record, complete and clear Internet data value-added business and domestic IP phone business specific business scope and content, from the first pilot city of the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan area began to promote value-added telecom services.

        Though the local telecom operators capital, technology strength would be more obvious than the fledgling cable operators, but equal access to broadband, fixed IP phone value-added telecom business operation qualification, prior to national broadband users less than 5000000 households cable operators is a break. License plate, cable operators only need to telecommunications operators to pay international broadband export leasing costs, can rely on low-cost operation mode from telecom operators hands grabbing the value-added telecommunications business share.

        Packet Jean said that although many city began triple play pilot before, but the radio operator in the absence of license conditions with broadband is not possible, because most of the profits will be used as a rental fees to telecom operators, China Telecom, and launched the national wide belt upgrade to the original radio and TV broadband users appear a large number of the situation of the loss of.

        In a two-way access issues, long-term confrontation both sides make concessions. For radio and television, access to value-added telecommunications business license is a new beginning, and telecom operators IPTV business has gradually in the pilot city SARFT transmission business license, coupled with the ownership of content and broadcasting license of 100 vision, CNTV cooperation, the user from the pilot before the shortage in 8million to expand the current of the 28million households.

        When the three net fusion pilot schemes mentioned in another important task, namely the SARFT led by China Radio and television Network Company in the past two years, the program changed several times, and now finally a breakthrough.

        Initially the SARFT made finance invests 80billion Yuan project to end was not, after adjusting, the Treasury is only responsible for funding the start-up capital, the investment amount dropped to 4.5billion Yuan. This scheme of NPC and CPPCC this year before integration working group through the examination and approval, but the next is the ministries for approval.

        There have been rumors that, at the end of 6 the company will be listed, but because each ministries and commissions approval process continues to extend until October, approve to end basically. Message personage tells a reporter, letter of the Department of the delay time is longer, but recently has formally replied, and promised to give new companies to distribute basic operators license.

China network chips

        State Grid Company after the listing, in addition to continue to improve the trunk network, more important is to want to have complete province network integration of broadcast television operators incorporated therein, and 4billion Yuan for the start-up capital is an utterly inadequate measure.

        Radio and television industry experts said SARFT, initially hoping to get funding to finish around the cable network company's acquisition of assets, but the final funding only 4billion Yuan, than even some has been listed on the cable network company's market capitalization is high, in accordance with the original approach to promote the integration of the basic impossible.

        The listing is only the first step to build the market competition main body, State Grid Corporation of China with the assets of billions of telecom operators to confrontation, decentralized regional operator model is not possible.

        The network will be the basis of network operators license and Internet outlet, is attracting over radio operators willing to incorporate important tool, although Print-Rite video obtained value-added telecom business qualifications, but was not network operator license, no international broadband exports, China is still in its development of value-added telecommunication network business is important rely on.

        For broadcast television operators, through the capital combination means is formed into the State Grid Corporation of China is a good choice, especially the early stage has been completed integrating the lack of fund in the Midwest Province, such as Guangxi, Guizhou and other 10 provinces, which is expected to become the countrys first integration of the target, and Guizhou the provincial network company general manager Li Guimin is the deputy leader of the group.

        While the country network, the next most difficult integration should be listed or active preparations for the listing of the eastern provinces of cable operators, such as Gehua cable, electronic media, and is preparing for listing on the Jiangsu cable, Guangdong Radio and television networks, the company's future assets according to market price assessment, to the network would be a great challenge.

        In addition, China Mobile and once the SARFT before long negotiations contact, has spread its plans to share after the formation of the national network, but this plan from May this year without any progress, the sources told reporters, " China Mobile although have been involved in national network of prophase preparatory work, but it shares no news. "

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