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3G brings three big operators closer, and expert said that network coexist becomes normal.

        According to the latest data show that, from the current open data can see, Chinese three big operators of mobile user number 1.02 billion people, among them 2.1 hundred million people is 3G users. According to the user to calculate, closing at the end of 10, China Mobile 3G user number, 79.31 million; China Unicom secondly, accumulative total of up to 70.067 million users; China Telecom cumulative 3G user number is broken through 60 million close greatly, amount to 62.74 million. It can be seen that there is not much gap between three operators.

        The process from 2G to 3G is the domestic telecommunication industry with a large span. With the reform and reorganization of the telecommunications industry accompanied 3G, not only conducive to balance the telecommunication market competition pattern, but also widen the telecom operators business, business model innovation space. 3G business after more than three years of development has entered the popular stage, 3G users are in growth period. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications professor Wang Lixin said, 3G profound influence of industrial ecology, while the most far-reaching influence in its opening domestic mobile Internet era, to become the next generation telecommunication development focus.

The three meaning of 3G in the telecommunications industry.

        3G is China Telecom Industry in ten years of development of a major bright spot. Repeated studies, the industry outside the long-awaited 3G licences in the early 2009 release, has started a new chapter in the development of China's communication. The telecommunication market competition pattern is balanced with each passing day in four years, 3G industry chain gradually mature and many signs reflect 3G industries to economic and social development infuse new vitality. Wang Lixin has pointed out, the domestic telecommunication industry. The issuance of 3G licenses has the following three aspects of significance.

        Firstly, the national telecommunications industry pursues the global trend of 3G. In 2003, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other countries have begun to start 3G commercial network, as of 2008 June, the global total issued 249 permits, to make 3G in global scope gradually gain a firm foothold. Until the beginning of 2009, the Ministry issued 3 3G licenses, began to chase the trend of the world's most advanced, the addition of independent intellectual property rights of the TD-SCDMA into the 3G camp, carry the national communications industry revitalization task force, at the same time is used to optimize the telecommunication market competition pattern.

        Secondly, 3G licence to open domestic mobile Internet era. The issuance of 3G licenses are not directly open the mobile Internet era, but for detonating the mobile Internet era provides entrance. 3G network has higher bandwidth, data transmission capability of non 2G network can be likened to, plus the intelligent terminal support rate enhancement, the price war to drive 3G mobile phone penetration, can be expected to become the next generation of Internet, mobile communication industry development focus, more rich and colorful mobile Internet application services on a large scale, emerge in large numbers, thus bring users not the same as the 3G application experience.

        Thirdly, 3G investment to pull move upstream and downstream industry chain development. As of the end of 2011, China's 3G has invested 455.6 billion Yuan, the 3G licensing of identified early three years planning has been basically completed. On this basis, using 3G networks as the core of the terminal includes manufacturing, application service, industrial chain of communication. The Ministry pointed out before this, 3G license issuance is to deal with the financial crisis, stimulating national economic growth the important action, 3G investment can pull 1 trillion market demands.

3G is a double-edged sword. Its three influences to the telecommunications environment.

        Of course, 3G is a double-edged sword, in the promotion telecommunication operation business profitability at the same time, it generates a shock wave to telecom operators feel trouble. The construction of 3G network intelligent terminal investment, huge subsidies in certain degree on operator performance, in addition with the development of 3G technology, the industrial chain integration trends, emerging mobile Internet application accelerated erosion telecom operators original market, so operators upgrade to face heavy challenge. Wang Lixin said 3G industry from the following three aspects of telecom market environment change.

        Firstly, from the voice, SMS communication industry entered the era of flow management era. In recent years to Sina micro-blog, micro message as the representative of the application of mobile Internet booming voice, SMS, accelerated the degradation process, so that the already enormous pressure on the operator to add new development. At the same time, the user's mobile data service demand is increasing rapidly, as telecom operators profit growth of the new engine. How to realize the flow of the fine refinement management, data mining flow behind a large test data, the transformation and upgrading of the success or failure of telecom operators.

        Secondly, defeats the telecom operators in 1G, 2G era industrial chain leading right. In the traditional telecommunications industry chain, telecom operators as the core industrial chain, but 3G technology changes the original single chain, and the impact of telecommunication operator dominance. A variety of mobile Internet applications Zouqiao market Internet Co IT, power industry and the telecommunications industry to break the barriers between the limelights, temporarily between in the market in two, telecom operators are facing increasingly heavy pressure of pipeline.

        Thirdly, industrial confluence trend, 3G subversion of the traditional commercial mode. 3G industrial chain interpenetration of aggravate, the gradual opening of telecom industry chain, industry integration over time constant to deepen. In this context, telecom operators need to do is not only a business, product, network of innovation, but the business model innovation is more important. In addition, straddling the tide, other business models in the industry will also be subversive, more traditional industry gradually into the whole industry chain, and play their own role.

4G speed up, and 3G develops swiftly and violently as before.

        3G network construction cost has yet to recover, launched 4G a tight like a wind. Ministry of industry and information technology minister Miao Wei pointed out in September this year, the next year or so time to issue 4G licences. Compared to the previous " maybe two or three years after the issuance of 4G licenses " formulation, shorten the time to market Chadun strengthening of 4G market expectations, while the industry worries 4G come ahead of schedule or on 3G development causes adverse effect.

        Wang Lixin said, 2G, 3G, 4G network each have an advantage, the future will form a long-term coexistence, mutual complementary relationship, belonging to the technical field of communication is very normal phenomenon. Furthermore, 4G industry chain to mature it may take five years, 3G industry gold stage may last for ten years, during this period, the development of 4G industry by the terminal manufacturer, consumer and other parties of factors, if the market demand is not strong enough to stimulate 4G users achieve scale growth, 4G industry itself produces the function will weakening.

        Ministry recently issued the announcement shows, the three quarter of this year, the national electricity the number of mobile phone users in more than 1.08 billion households, the proportion reached 18.7% of 3G users. Wang Lixin said, compared with the a billion level of the mobile phone number, 3G number of users currently has just broken through 0.2 billion close greatly, future growth space is still very wide. From the market performance, Chinese 3G user is in a period of rapid growth, in September this year, three major carriers of the 3G new users were more than 3 million, showing a good momentum of development.

        In addition, Wang Lixin points out, the state should be 3G in the integration of industrial policy to strengthen guidance, solve the industrial chain of the various body cut problem. First of all, telecom operators should reduce the malignant competition; ensure the quality of the network, stability and flow value. Secondly, through the control of intelligent terminal master industrial chain core, to civilian battalion enterprise, Internet enterprise authority, increase innovation strength, build good innovation atmosphere, as the mobile Internet era to inject more new blood.

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