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In order to get rid of triple play game the network construction business innovation is the key.

        Before the formation of the national cable TV network company rumors again come to nothing, stepping on the triple play pilot phase the tail end, recently had new progress again. According to media reports, China Radio and television network company (referred to as ¡°China¡¯s Radio and television " ) scheme has been ratified by the state council. At that time, the three major telecom operators will face China broadcasting the telecommunications market "fourth operators¡± competition.

        Regardless of China Radio and television building and the future step by step up to triple play what kind of impact, it 's "birth " repeatedly delayed is worth attention. At present, departmental, institutional interests entanglement has been hampered the pace of triple play, the parties to the interests of users as the active business, integration and innovation is the convergence of fundamental and break the deadlock between.

        Convergence forward teeter

        In 2010 the State Council issued the propulsion integration scheme, 2012 is a triple play pilot stage last year, according to the plan, 2012 should be completed a preliminary pilot, set up radio and unified operation unit.

        In this context, for nearly two years and the country's fourth largest operator of China Radio and television Network Company, after many delays, recently had a progress. According to media reports, the State Council recently issued a formal, agreed to set up the China Radio and Television Network Limited, funded by the Ministry of finance, State Administration of Radio Film and television shall be responsible for organizing and hosting, the registered capital of 4.5 billion Yuan, the Ministry of finance capital radio 4 billion, raised 0.5 billion. At that time, China Radio and television in addition to operating various traditional radio and television business will also be allowed to operate Internet access business of telecom network. This means, the future Chinese broadcasting will be ¡°fourth operators¡± identity, participate in and the three major telecom operators in the market contend for.

        However, even though the ratio of ¡°birth " 5 months later, on the formation of Chinese Radio and TV industry is still quite veiled criticism. Industry insiders have said, China Radio and TV set up more symbolic than real significance, obtained "birth certificate¡± is only the beginning, and then there is industrial and commercial register, listing program. And according to the current information, China Radio and television has not been clearly established schedule. Another person said, China Radio and TV set up is actually ¡°drive a duck onto a perch ", which is not well established, but in order to achieve convergence plan formulated in 2010.

        Radio and television unified business unit ¡°dystocia ¡°is the epitome of convergence advancing slowly. From 1998 first put forward the concept of home integration, to 2010 January, Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting made clear convergence schedule, arrive again 2012 the pilot stage is coming to an end, even though the convergence has been listed in the national " Nine Five ", " fifteen ", " eleven ", five " Five-Year " plan, so far triple play, still did not come into people's life. Triple play slow speed to cause people thinking the difficult of triple play.

        Interest game drags triple play in development cycle

        Triple play is to represent the general trend, is also a projects that benefit the people, but in China, due to the telecommunication network, the broadcasting network, the Internet, especially the broadcasting system and telecommunication system exists between the complicated competition system, coupled with the system, supervision mechanism, the respect such as business also has many problems, the market main body between the game became triple play ahead on the road out of the way.

        Broadcasting system and telecommunication system has the game for the convergence of long-standing. Radio and television have sovereignty without the operation of the main content. By 1999 the State Council issued a document, broadcasting over the past 10 years in the wired broadband has been attempt nothing and accomplish nothing, along with the telecommunication operation business competition intensifies day by day, in the hope of broadband radio breakthrough day-to-day also strongly desire. However, radio and television also lacks effective competition entity with the telecom operators compete, earnestly needs to be dispersed radio carriers integrated into national cable television network company which has three major telecom operators competitive conditions, in addition, the cable operators conformity difficulty bigger, so they hope that through licensing restrictions, delaying the telecom operators enter the broadcasting market.

        Telecom operators, the operators without the content production licence. The Ministry is committed to supporting the three major telecom operators to enter the IPTV, mobile phone TV, Internet TV markets, to expand market share, improve customer loyalty, in order to avoid intensifying ¡°pipeline " risk, so also hope that through the base carrier licence export restrictions, the Internet radio operator in. But this point has been resolved as of October this year, the Ministry of industry and SARFT completed cross licensing, system for the two mutually to further remove the obstacles.

        Triple play is said of an aged person in the final analysis is just ¡°interest ¡°two characters. At the beginning of 2010 introduced triple play " scheme ", because of their own interests are being forced to go through more than 10 times the draft; the next " pilot program " because of disagreement led to "difficult"; 2011 November, broadcasting under the CCTV wantonly "punitive expedition " telecommunications system operator broadband monopoly ... ... In these conflicts, relates to a radio system and the telecommunication system between the big contradiction, also broadcasting and Telecommunications internal conflict within. Between departments or even in the same sector because of the conflict of interest, uncompromising, hard to coordinate, a triple play the biggest obstacle.

        The triple play to need to pay attention to service integration innovation

        In 2010 July the State Council announced the 12 triple play pilot city, coupled with the at the beginning of this year approved the second batch of 42 pilot city, the triple play pilot city has expanded to 54 areas ( city ). As the 2012 will come to an end, triple play pilot phase will also be ending, in the next 2013 to 2015, will be promoting the integration of three networks promotion phase. Under this background, how to adapt to the new market environment and to balance the interests of all parties so as to speed up the pace of integration between market main bodies is a broadcasting and Telecommunications issues facing the new.

        The first is the need to accelerate the speed of integration of broadcasting system. Otherwise it will affect the whole process of integration of three networks. Communication business is the whole network in the segmentation system under the enterprise cannot carry out the communication service. While the broadcast develops in classification. Therefore, China Radio and TV set up as soon as possible, in order to provide full access to communication field conditions.

        Secondly, three nets fusion propulsion requires the parties to adjust game mentality. Whether the telecommunication department, radio and television, or the Internet, should abandon the interest contend for, in the technical standard, the respect such as industrial policy act with united strength, in order to bring tangible benefits. At the same time, also have only such, ability realizes win-win.

        In addition, convergence is the essence of two-way business integration, and the integration in fusion main practitioners in business innovation is particularly urgent. At present, network integration of large-scale operations including digital TV, IPTV, mobile phone TV, the number of users has reached a certain scale. The convergence of content, including broadcasting the audio and video content, as well as including communication services and the Internet more rich content and applications services. Through the business integration and innovation to maximize meet the needs of users, as far as possible to allow consumers to truly benefit, is the purpose and the key point of convergence.

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