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The characteristics and development of "Triple play "

        Taking OTT TV as the representative of the open Internet business given the " triple play " with new connotation, to " network ", " business integration ", " terminal fusion " as the representative of the plurality of fused, and the mobile Internet business, personal and social business to become a "new triple play " the characteristics of the times, " content aggregation " to be the key to winning competition; in the " new three net fusions " era, the telecommunications industry and broadcasting industry faces new challenge and opportunity, " content regulation " will become the future industry regulatory focus.

        Since the March of 2001 national "fifteen plan", was first proposed to " promote the telecommunications, television, the Internet network convergence" since, in the efforts of the parties and drive below, by the telecommunications industry and broadcasting two departments in charge of industry leading " triple play " the job, already entered at present experimental work of the final stage: according to the State Council in 2010 release of the " triple play" the overall program, 2012 will be a triple play pilot stage last year, and the next 20132015 years will be the integration of three networks to boost level in the round.

        With the background of " the National Radio and television network company" to be established, the two batch of " triple play " pilot city expanded to cover all of the country's capital city 54 large and medium-sized city, can be said to triple play pilot job obtained not little progress.

        But review these years " triple play " progress, we discover not hard: and the government department in charge of industry dominant, after more than 10 years is still in the pilot phase of the " official version " " triple play " in the past year, the audio and video services of Internet as the core of the OTT, is suddenly rises.

Conventional sense is dominated by the official ¡°triple play ", has been increasingly showing a new feature:

        1 Internet OTT TV creates ¡°new three networks convergence¡±

        The so-called ¡°OTT TV ", is based on the open Internet, in various terminals to provide audio and video services, the service does not depend on the specific physical network, emphasizing the service network and independence.

        OTT TV services emerged, blurring the traditional sense the telecommunication network, radio network and Internet among different, as the official ¡°triple play¡± IPTV business strong competitor, OTT TV from its birth, it has caused much concern.

        Thanks to recent calls letter industry " FTTx copper retreat into the light " the progress of the work, at present on the Internet sale of a large number of third party OTT set-top box, can not only provide the telecommunications and broadcasting a broadcast quality not much difference between the television business, by virtue of abundant Internet audio-visual content resources, can provide telecommunication operators and radio and television by far incomparable audio-visual program services.

        According to statistics, at present domestic Internet audio and video service site up to thousands of, which gained official status in Internet video service website Sohu, Tencent, IDG arts, actor cruel, and relying on the Internet website to " Internet set-top box ", " high definition player " for sale on behalf of OTT set-top box, it is held Taobao network sales champion.

        When the telecommunications industry and broadcasting clinging to the " triple play" dominant rights controversy, " triple play " scheme when the changes of the draft, with OTT set-top box as the representative of the popular Internet video services, so addicted to the interests of the game industry of telecommunications and broadcasting exclaim: Wolf, has come true!

        Telecom operators for the capture of IPTV leadership and vigorously promote the " copper retreat into the light " FTTH broadband, became OTT set-top box sells more jump over fire pusher; telecommunication carriers spend lots of money to build the high-speed broadband network, a OTT video service cheap access, with telecommunications operator 's own words, telecom operators completely reduced to " pipeline ".

        Radio days or less than where, given the huge original content, but because of the lack of a direct channel for user, watched a lot of non original video content by the OTT express, appear in the mass video in front of the user.

        In charge of the industry sector as the transition from planned economy to market economy, in the face of the OTT set-top box is billowy and come first reaction is to regulate the market, formulate rules and operating license issued to slow down, resulting in radio LED video business pressures, but apparently failed to such as people want: from the 2012 Taobao launched the " double 11 " online shopping spree with statistical data, in order to " Internet set-top box ", " high definition player ", " hard disk player " projects sales OTT set-top box products, has been the forefront of Taobao " audio and video products ", show high speed growth.

        In this sense, in order to open Internet based OTT service, as the original English Over theTop ( Chinese translates as " pass " ) described the significance that, with the open nature of the Internet, in business development, directly across from the electrical sense and in broadcasting, telecommunications and broadcasting the two giants firstly, to achieve its unique " barbarian growth ".

        OTT business " barbarian growth ", to swing in the telecommunications industry and broadcasting industry between " official version of triple play ", brought the future is unpredictable; but from another point of view, the OTT business popular, can be regarded as the " official version " three nets fusion drive and promote, and the current official push steadily stand stable convergence, before joining the OTT gene, it would be possible to achieve a small run.

        It can be said: the convergence of OTT gene convergence, is from the traditional sense to emphasize the broadcasting network, telecommunication network and Internet network equivalent to fusion, with the Internet as the dominant, covering the telecommunications network and CATV network " triple play " evolution, the current has entered the open Internet OTT business on behalf of the " new three networks fusion " era.

        2 ¡°new triple play " feature

        In the crack grew up in OTT TV business, gave birth to open up the Internet as the leading " triple play", along with the rapid development of the Internet, and the new social network widespread application, in contrast to the traditional sense of convergence, " triple play " generation network, terminal operations and level fusion the trend is more clear, and personal and community applications have also become the focus of the service provider, and the " content " ability has become the key to winning competition.

        A.plurality of network, terminal operations and integration into the ¡°triple play" main direction

        Compared to emphasize the traditional ¡°triple play¡± between the telecommunication network, TV network and Internet peer-to-peer fusion of,¡± triple play ¡°is emphasized in the open Internet under the auspices of the network integration, open to become the network fusion theme.

        In this advocacy network open fusion process, the distinction between functional network was gradually weakened, and return to their business bearing the essence. With the network of functional differences disappear, existing network management model based on industry division, will change remarkably.

        Along with the existing network of functional difference between contractible and gradually disappear, carrying on the original network on the specific network service also presents the fusion trend, the vast majority of the network business in the future will be in the form of IP to carry out transmission; while in the network business functional features, new network business network business will have the original morphology all the features of.

        For example, the traditional sense of the phone, instant messaging ( IM ) and video belongs to the telecommunication network, Internet and broadcasting network, but the network integration background was born out of the Tencent " micro message " business, but these three operations in a unified application App.

        If the business integration is the network fusion is the inevitable outcome of the words, then the terminal fusion is for business integration needs and naturally occurring. Since the business applications no longer relies on the specific network, then the business application in different terminal synchronous display and analysis will become very naturally.

        The progress of electronic technology and the fast development of mobile Internet, makes a lot of ¡°crossover" terminal products into the market "cosset ", from the recent Samsung ¡°crossover" mobile phone Galaxy note 2 in global unpopular sales is remarkable.

Single from Note2 screen size and function, have been hard to say it is the communication function of the flat computer, or have a flat computer function of the mobile phone; in fact, Note2 's global success, are driving more and more mobile phone terminal manufacturers and computer manufacturers to join PC this one product competition.This one, as the traditional PC Manufacturer Association, is using its accumulated in PC manufacturing, power intelligent mobile phone design and manufacturing.

        If we take the intelligent mobile phone " flat " can be regarded as a communication terminal and PC fusion of the words, then the flat TV "intelligent " can be regarded as the TV and PC fusion; and once the " smart TV " access network, so people can communicate with each other face to face, that we would have had to admit, terminal fusion here has been a perfect interpretation.

        Therefore, in order to Internet as the dominant " triple play" background, based on the industry differentiates between the network gradually reduced, relying on the original network business applications and terminal also gradually fusion; " triple play " era, " fusion " has a more extensive and the plurality of meaning.

        B. mobile Internet business to become a "new era of convergence¡± core business

        Benefit from the progress of mobile communication technology and the popularity of intelligent terminals, especially 3G mobile broadband network and 4G network is arisen, people get rid of the dependence on fixed-line broadband, achieving anytime, anywhere cases and anybody online exchange, can be arbitrary, whenever and wherever possible to enjoy mobile Internet brings convenient life.

        If the emergence of the Internet has changed people 's access to information and the way the exchange, the appearance of mobile Internet, achieved between the person and person's all-round virtual information interconnection; then " new triple play " in network, terminal operations and the fusion, for this kind of between person and person " all-around interconnection " provides the necessary material condition.

        In the network, terminal operations and the full integration of the background, mobility becomes business application development necessity; with all-weather seamless convergence ability of the mobile Internet business, become ICP users favored to win the Internet key. Look at the present like a raging fire IOS/Android application App open, we can draw the conclusion.

        C. Personalized sharing and networking applications has become hot spot.

        Mobile Internet era is to highlight the personality of the times, social networks and to some extent has become synonymous with the internet. And " new triple play " in the context of network, terminal and business integration, to express the personal opinions, to realize the information sharing and communication provides conditions.

        A recent series of social hot spots, such as the ¡°Shaanxi father's younger male cousin ", ¡°Chongqing officials indecent video ", all by the netizen individual uploaded videos and photos, and then by micro-blog and skyline forum and other social media and the popular the world, triggering social attention and state intervention.

In this sense, personalized sharing and social networking has become focus network hot spots, to obtain the attention of all the convenient tool, the application is becoming the hot spot of network application. A large number of social networking sites such as Face book birth mass user join, from another side illustrate this point.

        D. ¡°content ¡°ability has become the key to winning competition

        In the new " triple play " under the background of the era, network and terminal fusion, weakening the difference and difference between network terminal, so that different networks and different terminal business application, will have to compete in a unified platform; service provider industry background and industry permits, for the end user¡¯s influence and appeal more and smaller; eventually, all business application competition, will be summed up in the " content" of the competition.

That is to say, the future business of competition between providers, will present a ¡°content is king "; and in " content " complex, colorful today, " content " will become the key of the competition ability of content.

        The so-called ¡°content ", is the mass content on the Internet, according to its characteristics and internal connection for collation and classification, and according to the different users of the application is used, with attention to user order is pushed to the front of the user, saving the user content search and finishing time, greatly enhance the user's application experience.

        In the Internet application, based on the " semantic " narrow sense " content " has gradually become the important search engines such as Google function, generalized based on the " content " of " content " technology, it has become the hot spot of research.

For example, although at present on the Internet can provide video service of many sites, but users are more willing to choose those can be arranged on the video content, and provide related video content links to the web sites. In this sense, content service competition among providers, is reflected in the more ¡°content ¡°on the ability of competition.

        Thus, in the open under the background of Internet business to OTT as the representative of the " new triple play ", not only at the network level fusion was achieved, desalt network physical properties and characteristics of the industry, also contributed to the terminal operations and fusion; multiple levels and a plurality of fusion, the mobile Internet business has become the current Internet core business, personalized sharing and social networking applications has become a hot application, while the ICP " content " ability has become the key to winning competition.

        It can said that in the ¡°new three net fusions " era, has blurred the original boundaries between the professions, subversion of the original industry competition mode and management mode, but also to the telecommunications industry and broadcasting has also brought great challenges.

        3 ¡°new triple play " era of telecommunications industry and broadcasting industry challenges and opportunities

        A. Telecom and broadcasting challenge

        As we mentioned earlier: as " triple play" inevitable result, physical network boundaries will be broken and toward a unified open, the service provider industry feature and identity will be fuzzy, all service providers will be in the same platform to compete competition, with OTT TV business as the representative of the open the rise of Internet business, will inevitably to the telecommunications industry and broadcasting industry to bring the huge impact.

        In this huge impact, telecom operators " pipeline " is more and more obvious, and the " pipeline " is the inevitable result of " Marginalization ", telecom operators in the Internet business pattern of interests are becoming more and more be of little, it can eat the " interests of cake " is also more and more small, telecom operators are facing for the Internet service provider OTT " do marry the garment ". Although telecommunication operators are put forward the "intelligent pipeline ", " traffic management" and other measures, but now the results are obviously not enough to resist OTT business on telecommunication service erosion.

        For the radio and television, the situation can only use the ¡°dismal" two words to describe. The radio has been the formation of a unified network and management system, the existing network has not fully realized " two-way " transformation, the lack of money makes radio and television aspirations blighted; for it is administrative licences issued and industry admittance, more often become broadcasting contend with telecom operators and OTT service provider¡¯s last line of defense.
        B. Telecom and broadcasting opportunities

        The telecommunications and broadcasting, they not only exist in the competition between each other, more facing from the open Internet OTT business challenges, this is an indisputable fact. In a sense, from the OTT business challenges are currently the main aspects of telecommunications and broadcasting the crisis.

        But from another point of view, if the telecommunications and broadcasting can to the initiative into the Internet open spring tide, with an open mind to look at OTT business, embrace OTT business, then OTT for telecommunications and broadcasting, and not a great opportunity.

        For telecom operators, in the ¡°pipeline " trend is inevitable, telecom operators to its own business customers under the situation of lack of attractiveness, telecom operators are able to down, active as OTT service provider " exclusive pipeline "?

        Through the OTT service providers to build ¡°exclusive pipeline ", can make the OTT service provider business application has better customer perception and user viscosity, thereby substantially improving its OTT business value. Apparently, telecom operators are available from the OTT service provider value rise in value to realize the value of their own; and this, apparently also conforms to the telecom operators ¡°intelligent pipeline¡± and ¡°traffic management" concept and purpose.

        On the other hand, as with the vast numbers of users, understanding customer all network application behavior business carrier and a content transmission, telecom operators for the client application habits and business needs to understand be richly endowed by nature, has the advantage of.

        Telecom operators have to do, is the customer's application habits and needs to be " data mining " and " the cloud ", as telecom operators " content " basis and standard or available to willing to pay OTT service providers, it will not only greatly enhance telecom operators owned business customer appeal at the same time, also can reflect the telecommunication operator¡¯s own " pipeline value ".

        As for radio and television, as the traditional sense of video content "producers " and lawful copyright owner "", the content of its transmission and distribution, compared with the telecom operators is not good; but on the other hand, in the video production and content of deductive finishing ability, compared with the telecom operators and OTT service providers, television has enormous advantages.

        Radio and television to the massive advantages, transformation for telecom operators and OTT service providers " aggregation platform provides the ability to "? If possible, it is certainly a most promising act.

        On another level, for telecommunications and broadcasting, since the OTT rise is unstoppable, instead of blocking Internet service provider OTT service, as their own OTT has also become a service provider, make full use of the Internet is an open platform, for a vast number of users, for users with more diverse applied demand, launched a strong industry accumulation of highly attractive to users of OTT business.

        In conclusion, telecommunications operators and radio and television should be open to view the OTT business, relying on the Internet platform to build their own OTT business, and with an equal to join them for other OTT service providers to provide services and participate in the competition, in order to realize the network advantage and traditional industry advantage to maximize the benefits, in the " the new triple play " era to Phoenix to realize its own transformation and development.

        4 ¡°new triple play " era industry supervision

        " Triple play " under the background of network and business integration, so that the original strong defense preparations industry distinction becomes less clear, accurate and clear rules of the industry that it is difficult to accurately perform; Internet OTT business was born, not only to the telecommunications industry and broadcasting industry challenges, as well as the industry regulators brought new task.

        ¡°Triple play¡± to promote and practice, make the telecommunications industry and broadcasting industry with more overlapping and fusion, the original applies only to a industry regulatory guidelines, clearly not fully applicable to the posterior fusion ¡°content services ".

        In this case, the transformation of the original superintendency train of thought, change to the original " operation " as the main objects of supervision, in order to " operation " as the main objects of supervision mode, become responsive to the Internet business development, promote the development of the industry of the route one must take.

        In short, in the " operation " as the main objects of supervision industry regulation mode, will no longer be regulatory focus on the service provider 's " service type " and " service price ", but the regulatory focus on service providers to provide " services " on the legality of.

        That is to say, in this new regulation mode, will no longer distinguish between telecom operators, radio operator and OTT operator industry status, but only on the services provided by the " content " is reviewed; the traditional telecommunication, broadcasting and Internet business will no longer have access restrictions, all for a fair and open environment, business content and service competition, to win user acceptance and support.

        5 conclusions

        Taking OTT TV as the representative of the open Internet business appears, giving the traditional sense of " triple play " with new concept and connotation; the plurality of multi-level network, terminal operations and integration into the " triple play" main direction; the mobile Internet business to become a "new era of convergence " core business, personalized and social networking application has become the focus of business development, " content " is become the key competitive ability. In this under the background of integration, telecommunications and broadcasting also can face grim challenge is faced with new opportunity, to " operation content " as the main regulatory object model the mode for regulation of the industry, become the future industry superintends the route one must take.
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