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2013 Cetron Dream

When the joyous music play the first note, it streaks 2012 and forces in the blue ocean of 2013.

The passing year have the precipitation. The dripping sweat have the harvest. Cetron enables us to condense into a home.

Cetron, which steady develop, held annual meeting named “2013 Cetron Dream” in the late January. Annual meeting is divided into four sections," Training" “Summary and Prospect" "Party" and "Athletics”. All the family members can not only benefit from the professional business knowledge training, but also sum up experience and looking to the future, even can integrate more into our team.The annual meeting makes us familiar with each other, and concert efforts.

The meeting ended in everyone's efforts. However, our pace never stops. We will be full of vitality, full of vigor, full of hope in the coming days. We do work steadily, and realize once again leap.


Cetron strategy—Business knowledge

Cetron strategy—Product knowledge

Staff marketing skills and working method

--Seven habits, Target management and how to make order

Employee occupation accomplishment and the sunshine state of mind

Summary and Plan

--This part made a summary for 2012, and set a goal for 2013. Each department invite their employees to made a work suggestion.


--The party is Cetron festival, and we invite each department to make a performance. We all join in with the chorus, every employees performance their talent and feel the warm of Cetron family.

Yearly outstanding employee and team awards.

Executives to recite the poem - 2013 Cetron dream

Department Program

--Singing, jazz, dance and other program make their talent most incisive.


--Men's doubles


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