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The pilot triple-play ends. Its future is full of brambles.

        At the beginning of the year, the pilot triple-play entered the promotion stage, industry convergence is full of expectations.

        Review of the development of the two, three nets fusion has made some progress. In 2012 the Ministry has to broadcast the 12 pilot city enterprises issued business license; SARFT official documents approved by China Telecom in the Internet audio-visual program service, IPTV transmission service and mobile phone TV distribution services three business applications.

        The labor letter department deputy secretary of interactive media industry alliance secretary-general Yang Kun provides a set of numbers in a recent conference: 54 pilot city of tri-networks integration across the country, covering a population of more than 300million people, the pilot phase has accumulated 400million network video users, 22million IPTV users, 120million ~1.6 million digital TV users, there are more than 100million people watch the video through mobile phone, users of 2M above the fixed broadband more than 140million households, more than 23million new FTTH, two-way network covering more than 80million users. These data show that, three nets fusion has made considerable progress in two years.

        In accordance with the State Council document No. 5 to drive the overall scheme of integration, China's fusion work atmosphere of two stage: from 2010 to 2012 is the pilot phase convergence, accelerating the development of the market main body, a national cable television network company, the initial formation of moderate competition industry pattern; from 2013 to 2015 is the promotion stage of tri-networks integration.

        But at present, to set up the State Grid Corporation of the finally obtained the approval of the State Council, but not as the formal listing at the end of 2012. In October 25, 2012, the State Council issued the Circular No. 184 document, agreed to form a Chinese Radio and television network Co. Ltd, out by the Ministry of finance, State Administration of Radio Film and television shall be responsible for organizing and hosting, registered capital of 4500million Yuan, mainly for the company to build the integration platform in advance, to be listed and then gradually around the local radio and television assets.

        In January 6, 2013, China Radio and TV Association held a " general election conference " announced, former deputy director of the State Administration of radio, Zhang Haitao will take the post of president of the new session of China Radio and TV Association, this high-level changes also let China Radio and television listing more whirling. In fact, the State Grid Corporation is the State Council to promote the formation of tri-networks integration goals, but Zhang Haitao changes or will lead to Chinese Radio and television listing stranded again. In addition to the China Radio and television who man the most appropriate beyond this issue, how to fill the funding gap has also become a problem of listing.

        DDT thinks, difficulties in integrating radio and television operators in the market mainly body small and scattered, lack of funds and the ownership structure of the complex. Provincial, municipal and County-level Radio and television operators nationwide have hundreds, integration of technology, management and laborious. Earlier media reports listing not listing is not the most important, it is important to plan first, business integration, and assets and personnel integration, the refinancing of listed first radio network, how to realize the integration of personnel and assets. China Radio and television network distributed, the provinces have provincial, city, county three class, shareholders complex components, not only the state-owned shares, there are a lot of foreign capital. The development or not, and how to more than a dozen listing Corporation valuation, integration, is a problem. Radio and television needs to understand the operation of capital master to integrate, invigorated the complex assets, and further financing.

        Action may stumble, but in terms of national strategy, or from the viewpoint of user demand, three nets fusion is an irreversible trend. Broadcasting and telecommunications needs with innovative application mode and win-win cooperation ideas to lead the next three nets fusion process. And to the user, three nets fusion is more means to enjoy the "three screen interactive " brings the innovation service.
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