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The telecom 3G permeability will be more than half within a year, and the transition of flow management drive trends to differentiation advantage.

        Operation data of three domestic operators in 2012 has successively. Data display, as of the end of 2012, China Telecom mobile users for a total of 160.82million, which 3G users amounted to 69.05million households, 3G permeability is as high as 42.94%. In the recently held China Telecom CDMA terminal industry chain, the annual meeting, China Telecom Group Chairman Wang Xiaochu proposed, in 2013 to fight for the number of CDMA users reached two hundred million, of which 100million were 3G users. This also means that, China Telecom in the user structure on 2013, 3G users accounted for more than is expected to more than half.

        Looking at the three major operators in 2012 performance, whether it is 2012 new 3G users or users of 3G market share, three operators are more balanced forces. Mobile Internet development has entered the fast lane, the mobile Internet industry value chain will be restored in 2013, for China Telecom, the increasingly fierce competition in the market under the background of development, how to adjust the development strategy to achieve 2013 continuous scale is an important issue placed in front of it.

Telecom 3G permeability leads the operation

        According to the 2012 operation data of three operators announced, as of 2012 12 at the end of the month, the domestic mobile communications subscribers reached 11 million households, where 3G users more than 234million households, the permeability of 3G users by the end of 2011, 13% to 22%. The subdivision, the three operators in 2012 the development of the character, China Telecom is particularly prominent in 3G development.

        Data shows, China Telecom in 2012 new 3G 32.76million users, 3G users amounted to 69.05million households, the average monthly increase of 2.73million, growth rate of 90.48%; the total number of mobile-phone users reached 160.82million, an increase of 27.63%; 3G permeability reaches 42.94%.

        China Unicom, the new 3G 36.437million users, 3G users amounted to 76.456million, the average monthly growth of 3.036million, growth rate of 91.05%; the total number of mobile users reached 239.31million, an increase of 19.86%; 3G permeability was 31.95%.

        China Mobile for new 3G 36.716million users, 3G users a total of 87.928million households, the average monthly increase of 3.06million, growth rate of 71.69%; the total number of mobile users reached 710million households, a growth rate of 9.35%; 3G permeability was 12.38%.

        The data shows that in 2012 the dominant position in the 2G era of China Mobile is no longer taking the first place, and later as the mobile market, China Telecom world have a role more obvious. In the number of new 3G users in 2012, three big operators flat, which for the mobile market entrant China Telecom is particularly precious; in the 3G user market share accounted for nearly 30% of China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom accounted for about 37%, accounting for about 33%, three big operators forces distribution relative to the average China Telecom, position in the 3G market is increasing day by day; in the 3G permeability, China Telecom 3G permeability of up to 42.94%, far more than the 31.95% and China Mobile China Unicom 12.38%.

3G development promote all business operations

        2012 is a crucial year for China telecom development in depth continuously transformation and innovation. The business of China Telecom, especially 3G, realizes the scale of development in the past year.

        The rapid growth of China Telecom Tianyi users benefits from the CDMA terminal products. Reportedly, 2012 CDMA terminal industry chain upstream of various partners than 2011 the number increased to more than 70, a total of 483; the terminal brand has reached 236, 47 more than in 2011; all in the sale of the CDMA terminal of more than 1500, 36% more than in 2011.

        In the popular 3G development stage, the leading role of the user terminal is obvious. Therefore, China Telecom has developed a full range of terminal development strategy of intelligent machine. Intelligent machine hand, China Telecom actively introduce apple, Samsung, Nokia and other brands of star products, and support the domestic manufacturers to launch high-end mobile phone; in the end, China Telecom to enhance competitive mid-range intelligent mobile phone, mobile phone camera, increase of audio and video features such as power customized strength; the low-end, China Telecom to build thousands of 3G low price, cost-effective intelligent mobile phone products, and create customer satisfaction, price is in the entry-level 3G intelligent terminal within 600 Yuan.

        The function of China Telecom new business creates the conditions for Tianyi development. In 2012, the pace of corporate China Telecom base services to accelerate, video, games, reading base to achieve the company's operation; establish innovation incubation system, the establishment of Vc firms in Shanghai, the first batch of incubator project has achieved good results; the establishment of cloud computing, cloud services to promote the specialization operation. In addition, higher 3G network coverage, smooth network quality but also users to select important day wing.

        With the rapid development of 3G business, in 2012 China Telecom user structure has been further optimized. With China Telecom mobile and broadband user upper gradually, the fixed-line voice business dependence decreases gradually, become a full-service operators be worthy of the name.

Business innovation digs the Internet blue ocean

        Up to now, the total number of China's mobile communication users has exceeded 1,100million, mobile phone penetration rate is quite high, the user growth is slowing trend will become increasingly apparent. In addition, with China Mobile TD-LTE accelerated deployment, for China Telecom to go beyond the time of development co. Telecommunications experts Yang Peifang think, China Telecom should vision will be more on the blue ocean market of mobile internet.

        There is no doubt that mobile Internet will be the main competition battlefield years operators in the future. According to CNNIC statistics, at the end of 2012 China's mobile phone Internet users scale is 420million, an increase of about 64.4million over last year, mobile phone Internet users accounted for by at the end of the 69.3% to 74.5% using the internet. For China Telecom, continue to actively tap the market demand for the mobile Internet business innovation, the innovation flow management ideas, from the flow of package, price, service detail aspects of power, to realize the poor dissimilation of development, is the key to effective competition in the market.

        In addition, the beginning of 2012, China will show a growth spurt 3G many people predicted in 2012, because the industry generally believe that the 3G permeability of more than 15% after the acceleration development. But the fact is not true. This phenomenon for China Telecom and the three big operators revealed the hidden dangers of the 3G development.

        The analysis thinks, Chinese user acceptance of 3G business is not high is the main cause of slow growth of 3G users. 3G development main data service applications, and is keen on the business people, young people demand for 3G service is still insufficient, the majority of users throughout the country still is given priority to with language needs, the real needs of mobile Internet users is still a minority. In the future, to further promote the application of the concept of value-added accelerated 3G popularization is an important task for China telecom.

        In the recently held China Telecom in 2013 CDMA terminal industry chain conference, China Telecom said, hope 2013 above CDMA mobile phone 80% is the intelligent machine. In today's China Mobile, China Unicom, the focus shifted to 4G positive do fine in the case of 3G, China Telecom to intelligent mobile phone and build quality intelligent mobile phone terminal, by leading mobile user scale development should be a good starting point.

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