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4G communication equipment industry report series two: Telecom CAPEX in line with expectations, and continue to pay attention to the transmission network.

China Telecom CAPEX in line with expectations, the transmission network is the high degree of attention.

(1) China Telecom investment in line with expectations, wherein, a total investment of 75 billion (expected 76.2 billion), 3G wireless network investment 20 billion (we expected 19 billion), cable business related investment 55 billion (expected 57.2 billion).

(2) The transmission network emphasis on the increase. China Telecom has not announced the broadband, IT support, value-added services such as subdivision project investment proportion, according to our understanding, transmission network investment is gradually by China Telecom's attention, after China Telecom has been suppressed demand for transmission network investment, investment scale and mobile and China through compared to ignore, and with its 4G investment cycle Jianxingjianjin, China Telecom also is in intensify transmission network IPRAN testing, and gradually increase the corresponding investment.

Focus on China Unicom CAPEX, is expected to decline slightly, the overall transmission network. China Unicom CAPEX plan will be announced on the evening of 21, with the annual report, China Unicom is expected to 13 years investment fell 20%, mainly for the decline is the wireless network investment (YoY-50%), and transmission network investment and 4G supporting investment will continue to be the focus of future period of time, 13 years plans to invest to rise slightly. At the same time, broadband investment is the same as 2012.

In 2013, we are still the most promising transmission network.

(1) China Telecom, China Unicom transmission network investment scale is not China Mobile, but the intention of transmission network investment significantly, China Telecom transmission network investment had been repressed is expected to be 14 years with 4G construction began, 13 years will see large scale test.

(2) China Unicom is expected to invest in 13 years down, continue to maintain or even increase transmission network investment, visible as an important resource of large flow of 4G business, the important status of transmission network in the next stage of operators to invest in.

(3) Expected transmission network investment will be the future of 4G construction cycle, an important direction of investment growth.

It is recommended the optical fiber and cable, transmission network equipment. It is expected that 13 years of domestic operators to invest in transmission network will be the fastest growing segments, and in 14 years will continue to maintain high growth, optical fiber and cable manufacturers recommend and transmission network of highly correlated (Tongding photoelectric, Zhongtian Technology, optoelectronics Hengtong) and transmission network equipment manufacturers (telecommunication).

                                                                         Reported by Shenyin Wanguo Securities


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