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Interoperability is the key of industrial pilot

        "Nan Chong economic belt in the cooperation between China and ASEAN in the pilot open, interoperability is a key industry." Recently, in the third session held in Chongzuo road ASEAN International Business Culture (Song Zhuang PO) during the festival, the national development and Reform Commission International Institute for International Cooperation Office Director Zhang Jianping to accept the media interview that, China and the ASEAN interconnection concept should be concerned about the infrastructure interconnection is extended to the interconnection industry.

        1.    From five aspects to promote industrial interconnection

        Zhang Jianping said, China and ASEAN interconnection can industry establishment of multi mode, much in the way of. Industrial interconnection comprehensive should include the interconnection between all sectors of interconnection and industry; in cooperation with the industrial chain link including infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing, service industries, intra-industry and inter-industry belong to the category of industrial interconnection.

        Through the deepening of specialized division of labor, strengthen the industry chain cooperation, promote industrial interconnection. Deepen China and ASEAN products in the industry, industry, the specialized division of labor, will make both sides to fully tap the space industry cooperation and fields, to build reasonable industrial chain, value chain and supply chain, so as to obtain long-term, sustainable development ability, reduce trade friction, realize the diversification of the export market, enhance the ability to resist common external risk. Join this industry chain is probably from agriculture to manufacturing, from manufacturing to services across the industry, long chain of convergence. Investment by China to ASEAN industry, China can realize industrial upgrading and structural adjustment. ASEAN could improve the manufacturing market position in the world.

        Focus on both sides of the huge market demand and promoting industrial interconnection. China is now the market is the largest consumer of ASEAN, and China has a huge consumer market goods and services. In recent years, China and ASEAN countries per capita GDP convergence, growth rate is higher than the world average level. According to the theory of demand preference, on both sides of national product demand will continue to increase. China's economic development model from the world's manufacturing center to the world manufacturing center and consumption center transformation, there will be a series of policies and measures to encourage consumption. Therefore, no matter from the consumers themselves and government measures, China's consumption potential is enormous. To maintain market share in China and the competitiveness of products can promote vigorous development and prosperity of ASEAN economies.

        Promote the industry of interconnection in the process of trade and investment. In 2011, for 3 consecutive years China has become the largest trading partner of ASEAN, while maintaining China's fourth largest export market and third largest import source position. Although the investment between China and ASEAN is relatively small, there is rapid growth. ASEAN is one of the major economies, China's foreign investment, while ASEAN Investment in China in 2010, China has accounted for 6% of the total foreign investment. Frequent trade and investment relations between the increasingly close, is promoting the interconnection between the two sides of industry. Especially, China is at a critical moment for the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, ASEAN also facing new challenges and opportunities, in trade and investment cooperation to promote industrial interconnection is conducive to mutual benefit and common prosperity.

        Promoting industrial interconnection is on the basis of interconnection between people. In the industry of interconnection between China and ASEAN, China will assume more responsibility, providing capacity building to promote transfer of industry to ASEAN countries. China has accumulated rich experience, in many industries and a lot of talent. In the process of ASEAN countries and industrial interconnection, China can provide international aid, more capacity and personnel training and construction personnel, ASEAN countries can come to China to participate in the training, Chinese people can also communicate ASEAN countries. To speed up industrial cooperation through such mechanisms the pace, realize common development goals.

        Promoting industrial interconnection is on the basis of infrastructure interconnection. Improved infrastructure is a major task in the economic development of ASEAN to accelerate the. Infrastructure interconnection will provide important basic and leading role for industry interconnection, especially electric power, communication, and railway construction. In order to comprehensively promote industrial interconnection, China and ASEAN countries should continue to strengthen infrastructure interconnection, the implementation of more convenient customs clearance procedures, standard, unified commodity inspection and quarantine standards, to ensure food safety and quality. Construction of integrated electronic energy information platform, to enhance the transparency of laws and regulations, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights. Strengthen business management and service.

         2.    Building south Chong planning economic zone for the first

        How to better construction of Southern Sung economic belt, maximize the role of South Chong economic belt? Zhang Jianping thinks, Chongzuo should start planning, on the South Chong Economic Zone Planning and industrial interconnection in ASEAN countries, different industry between China and ASEAN in the South Chong economic belt agglomeration.

"I came to Chongzuo two years ago, industry agglomeration, scale benefit has not fully reflected. This time to Chongzuo, found that infrastructure improved quickly, the pace of development, ASEAN regional advantage is more prominent, Chongzuo industrial development has a certain basis." Zhang Jianping said, Chongzuo has formed the cane sugar industry, manganese mining and mahogany industry, tourism industry four major industries, the future should be based on the development of these industries, communication, and ASEAN countries strengthen exchanges and common development, continuous mining industry a new growth point.

        Zhang Jianping think, a pressing matter of the moment is to do a good job in Chongzuo planning, strengthen and ASEAN countries in particular and industrial interconnection between Vietnam, links up the two industry segments, forming a good industrial relations of cooperation, the regional economy in China - ASEAN, China - East Asia and play an important role for the integration process.

        Zhang Jianping suggests, Chongzuo should use the resources and location advantages, industrial agglomeration, funds, logistics, building south Chong economic belt, form new economic point of growth. Also should pay attention to the connection between the industry such as agriculture and manufacturing, cohesion, cohesion of planting sugarcane and cane sugar processing. Refine industrial chain, to extend the industrial chain, the neighboring countries to attract investors to develop the construction of Southern Sung economic belt.

        Zhang Jianping emphasizes, interconnection industry, is the South Chong Economic Zone in China and ASEAN to deepen cooperation in key open pilot. To increase the interoperability industry interconnection between the person and person flow, infrastructure. Strengthen the connection and communication between the agricultural, manufacturing industry, service industry and other industries, extend the industrial chain, to the further development of the supply chain, form a comprehensive economic advantage, industry cluster, and further formed the scale and effects, to achieve industrial interconnection.

                                                                                 Source: Guangxi daily
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