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Service support system chinacache ChinaCache to perfect for mobile Internet Accelerator

        The fifth session of the global mobile Internet Conference to "redefine the mobile Internet" as the theme of the (GMIC) and lift the mobile Internet boom, as the leader of CDN industry, chinacache ChinaCache provides perfect mobile Internet service support system, to help customers address supplier source station pressure, cross operator access speed, equipment and bandwidth costs continue to decline the security of the system is increased, and the lack of professional maintenance staff, the environment of mobile Internet network challenge.

        According to the statistics of the Ministry of industry and information technology, as of 2013 3 at the end of China's mobile Internet users has reached a total of 817 million. Mobile office, the net swims, payment, IM, search, mobile Internet is rapid development, its first big internet terminal position also more stable. Mobile Internet users of large - scale and large data increasing access requirements, but also brings more challenges. Based on the video content providers as an example, in the long stream sections on demand and page content when the content of compression, compression and to what extent, can not only satisfy the bandwidth requirement and guarantee the user experience? Or for a mobile part of mobile Internet payment links, to ensure the payment process safety and smooth, but also must face and consider the problem.

        "The Internet changed the life, we change the Internet", as the Chinese CDN industry the earliest pioneer, chinacache ChinaCache focus has been accelerated in Internet, mobile Internet users demand, in the "content aware network service" under the guidance of the idea, chinacache ChinaCache launched a mobile Internet solutions, aims to provide a more rapid, more personalized Internet services for mobile Internet users. To help customers perceived user requirements, application of optimization and cyber source configuration, improve operation efficiency.

        Chinacache mobile Internet service supporting system includes user layer, transport layer and data source layer, the most perfect solution. Integration of the content into the service, P2P cache service and all terminal acceleration service. The terminal services in mobile access speed acceleration acceleration, terminal user experience is improved performance is outstanding, can not only greatly improve the mobile terminal Internet speed, save network traffic, to the mobile Internet "accelerator", but also through the intelligent recognition to the user of the mobile terminal, provide the most perfect Internet content for the user. Solution. By caching service, chinacache ChinaCache can content cached on the local, compression, transmission of the content, to avoid internet congestion. Chinacache ChinaCache mobile Internet service and support system in each checkmate mobile Internet challenges at the same time, also has brought greater commercial value for the user, the user can focus more on the core business, improve performance, reduce the interconnection between networks bring unnecessary influence.

        At the same time, in order to analyse large data environment users' data requirements, La Xun also provides mobile data analysis platform, help their perception of the mobile user experience. After test data statistical analysis, to provide customers with the quality of service of the network report way, provide a true, reliable data support for the deployment of network reasonable customer. Source CCTIME Dumbo network)
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