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The Ministry will organize to implement the triple-play

        As known as the "fourth operators" National Radio and TV network companies -- China broadcast television network company set up for the first time.

        In the China International Radio and television information network exhibition held this year (CCBN2013), Department of science and technology and administration director Wang Xiaojie declared, "The China Radio and television network Co. Ltd. as a leader, to build national cable interconnection platform, the interconnection network, at all levels of business and operation support."

        Prior to this, the National Radio and television Network Company always walk in childbirth. Until November of last year, the State Council issued the Circular No. 184 document, approved the establishment of China Radio and television network Co. Ltd., funded by the Ministry of finance, State Administration of Radio Film and television shall be responsible for organizing and hosting, registered capital of 4500 million yuan. The SARFT for the digital cable television set a clear objective, to 2015, the city at the county level and above all digital cable digital TV, more than 80% to achieve bidirectional.

However, compared with three major telecom operators have the market, National Radio and television network company to establish a complete industrial chain is very difficult, because of lack of funds and the same scale, to get equipment manufacturers with terminal manufacturers support is particularly urgent.

        ZTE vice president Wang Xiangyu, ZTE communications within the company will be broadcasting market is defined as fourth operators, a part of the business of special responsible for broadcasting market operation and development. Follow the three networks integration are wildly beating gongs and drums, the actual effect of tri-networks integration makes communication more focus on this market revival. ZTE is not only can think of radio and television operators from the front-end equipment in the beginning to the end of the set-top box terminal equipment to provide end-to-end integrated solutions, but also from Telecom, Internet experience, supply appropriate radio and television operators renovation of value-added service platform, realize the network value-added."

        For radio and TV business profits, Wang Xiangyu thought, to the present stage of uniform standards and industry scope is more important. By early 2013, ZTE, bidirectional network transformation of CMMB, IPTV and satellite business layout, wherein, ZTE in two-way network reform enters the market of more than 50%, to 100%, 40% in the satellite CDMA, GSM transmission module equipment market share has been resolved.

        It is reported, three nets fusion process this year will greatly speed up the pilot work, basically, the Ministry will organize the work plan of three nets fusion promotion stage, which symbolizes the convergence of this year will be from the pilot entered the stage to promote, will bring a large number of equipment needs. The CATV network upgrade reform, including three front-end equipment, access network and terminal market of three local radio and television operators and to bring new business after the fusion of two-way access to equipment manufacturers, has brought the huge opportunity.
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