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Integration into the fast lane

        According to news, the State Council recently issued the "State Council opinions on promoting information consumption to expand domestic demand". "Opinion" point out, comprehensively promote the convergence of three networks. Speed up the telecommunications and broadcasting business two-way access, on a pilot basis in the second half of 2013 and gradually spread to the whole nation.

        The State Council explicitly, convergence to the national promotion, means the development of convergence will be quickened, and activate the industry chain will also become a pressing matter of the moment.

Integration into the fast lane

        In August 14th the State Council issued "several opinions on" promoting information consumption to expand domestic demand to speed up the information infrastructure that upgrade, comprehensively promote the integration of three networks. Specific direction, will be on a pilot basis in the second half of 2013 to the national promotion, promote the China broadcast television network, to speed up the formation of, and encourage the development of a variety of integrated services.

        As early as in 2010 January, the State Council issued "to promote the overall scheme of the" three nets fusion. Plan shows, from 2010 to 2012 for the pilot phase convergence, in broadcasting and telecom business two-way into upgrading, cultivating qualified market main body, the network as the focus; set up a national cable network company, industry pattern is preliminary form of moderate competition. From 2013 to 2015, three nets fusion will usher in a phase of comprehensive promotion. In 2010 July, the office of the State Council issued the first batch of triple play pilot city list, including Beijing, Shanghai and other 12 city finalist. In 2011 December, the general office of the State Council issued a list of second stage to pilot areas, the pilot to expand the scope of the 54 city. In July 12th this year, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting to study the deployment, promote information consumption, stimulating domestic demand, promoting economic transformation and upgrading. The meeting proposed to comprehensively promote the integration of three networks, to the national promotion.

        All have also issued a provincial convergence scheme and related cooperation. In July of this year alone, they are Hainan, Shanxi, Henan, the deployment of IPTV services. In good policy, the development of three network convergence will enter the fast lane.

The related concept stocks have stronger

        According to the insiders, in the promotion of market demand and the national industrial policy support, integration of three networks will usher in a substantial development. Affected by this, three nets fusion concept stocks have stronger.

        According to the "Securities Daily" Market Research Center data show, in August 14th, the policy of good effect, three nets fusion plate 22 stocks in the 15 rise, accounting for more than 68.18%. Digital video trading to achieve, in addition, Ji as the media, Tongfang, Dianguangchuanmei, Coship, Dr. Peng and LETV stocks also achieve larger gains.

        Data shows, from August 12th to August 19th, in the six trading days, flush with the convergence index from 682 up to 736 points, or 8%, far outperform. In August 19th alone, flush with the convergence plate index rose as high as 7.94%.

        The industry think, tri networks integration accelerating, will enable the operators to accelerate cross regional integration, network transformation and market operation. In the pressure under the triple play, in the policy support and external competition, the industry trend is expected to turn for the better.

        National Securities said, although the integration of upgrading national cable television networks, cable television networks around the target to still need time, but with the rapid development of intelligent TV demand, cable operators can give full play to the network coverage, through two-way network transformation, bound the development of broadband services, the broadband operators market of nibble, two-way network transformation project is expected in the future market for at least 40 trillion to 50 trillion yuan.

Activate the industry chain into a pressing matter of the moment

        From the view of system, the fusion of the environment, the administration of radio and the Ministry every hug entity, compartmentalization, government and each pipe section, these are not conducive to the formation of effective competition and promote the process of integration of three networks. From the service, broadcasting, telecommunications, Internet service providers, the parties in the process of integration, are not eager to enter each other's main business, but the fierce competition in the intermediate zone of fusion, the national policy intervention is conducive to alleviate the broadband market competition atmosphere, promoting broadband and convergence on the path of development of benign the.

        With the coming of 4G era, operators, terminal equipment manufacturers, content providers will also usher in a new market space, can create a new ecological chain. In view of these emerging ecological chain, telecom operators and cable TV network operators is to stand on the same starting line, the operator can give full play to their own in the capital introduction, business innovation, personnel training and other advantages, according to the telecommunications network, the Internet, radio and television networks of various characteristics, around the needs of the majority of consumption and the promotion of a new triple play pilot business, activate the industry chain is a pressing matter of the moment.

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