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Triple-play has entered a substantive stage to promote

        A year of in the past, the radio and television industry, "development" is one of the key words, the pilot work of two years ending the convergence of three networks, cable network integration basically completed, two-way transformation steadily, NGB pilot further push the high, the household work completed ahead of schedule, HD and 3D coverage increased, CMMB steady development, radio and television by the traditional media to the media change accelerated, China Radio and TV industry has entered a stable stage of vigorous development, radio and television technology and development has made outstanding achievements.

        Among these, three nets fusion is undoubtedly one of the most exciting, project since 2010, radio and television network and telecommunications network, the Internet "triple play" pilot work actively to promote ", a series of major initiatives triple play" the gradual implementation of. At present, the 54 pilot city has been all over the country, covering a population of more than 300billion. Two years, about 400billion of network video user has accumulated, and 143000000 digital TV subscribers, more than 100billion people to watch the video through mobile phone. In addition, 2M above the fixed broadband users more than 1400billion households, more than 23billion new fiber to the number of bidirectional transformation, covering more than 80billion users; the Internet television integrated machine more than 20billion Taiwan stock at the beginning of the year. In 2012, the Ministry of industry and information technology, SARFT synchronization to the pilot area of the cable operators and telecom operators provide two-way access permit, convergence in China has entered a substantive advance stage.

Heli Yijie industry has become the preferred partner

        As everyone knows, with the deepening of the convergence, focus will be broadcasting enterprise service center of major change, entered the era of Internet, television in many Internet based value-added services will be developed, the traditional radio and television enterprises will directly face the user.

        In such conditions, the enterprise customer service center will play an important role in. The resultant Yijie call center industry has more than 10 years experience, pay attention to this point, the system for many years construction experience in many industries, especially the telecom operators call experience center construction, development of call center system construction cooperation and broadcasters, providing to adapt to the future development of service platform, marketing platform, public service platform and the value-added business platform for the broadcasting industry, to mention for a full range of quality services for customers.

        It is reported, the difficulties in the construction of the radio and television industry call center system is not the system deployment, but with many business support system (BOSS system) integration. Heli Yijie integrated data management ideas, integration of CRM concepts, integration with the BOSS system, BOSS system integration for the future lay data foundation. According to the radio and television industry, force Yijie innovation will mobile phone application is applied in the fault repair work -- for radio single, can use mobile phone APP sends to the terminal maintenance, fault repair processing, and through the mobile phone user feedback, feedback processing results of signature and picture scanning etc..

        Heli Yijie is known as the "leader", has been launched from the call center of upstream equipment applied to software full integration call center solution, at the same time has become a business model in the field of development of application software and cloud services industry. The flag used by government and large and medium-sized enterprises HollyC6 call center solution is to become the industry benchmark solutions. The CTI technology and the CRM philosophy can be seamless integration, through traditional channels and Internet channels, such as: online customer service, business data integration access web, micro-blog, micro message will be acquired, graph generation and, help enterprise data mining.

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