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The global IPTV market compound annual growth of 20%. Business innovation crack convergence dilemma.

        Global IPTV business has entered a period of rapid growth. Recently, the market research company MarketsandMarkets in its research report released that, eager to benefit from consumer interaction on multi screen video and enable the new convergence between services, the global IPTV market is expected before the end of 2016 to 19.41% compound annual growth rate of growth. Although the rise in the global IPTV market, but because of the existence of game between Internet Co, operators, and the contents of IPTV service innovation is insufficient, the user experience is not enough, IPTV business development is not just as one wishes, it also hinders the further promoting the integration of the three networks.
        The IPTV market has expanded rapidly
        IPTV is an interactive network television, the use of broadband cable network infrastructure to provide rich, interactive business for the user, is a new media digital model. IPTV interaction with good business experience, and gradually won the majority of users of all ages. Reportedly, the United States of America operator Verizon in 2005 September launched the first IPTV service, and gradually extended to other city of the United States of america.
        Video and data in 2006 by British Telecom's BTVision and Germany T-Home Telecom as the representative of the fusion of IPTV services are available. In addition to the developed countries in Europe and America, one of South Korea is the main force in the development of IPTV market. At the beginning of 2013, South Korea started the exploration in the television business. Korea Communications Commission, two IPTV operators and two MSO service providers (multiple business operators), point at a 4 million IPTV and digital cable TV subscribers, over a period of months of TV commerce service.
        The strong development of global engulfs IPTV. Public data for market research agency Pyramid Research before the show, the global number of IPTV users in 2013 exceeded 100 million mark, but it is affected by China telecom operators to promote the IPTV business, the Asia Pacific region growth will be in all area first. By the end of 2012, China, France, the United States IPTV user digital list of global top three, the number of users exceeded 10 million. Published recently held the third session of the IPTV Industry Summit data display, China's IPTV users has reached 26 million. Active IPTV market benefit also singing all the way, according to estimates, the global IPTV market this year on revenue of $32 billion, by 2015 the number of users can be increased to 10.5 million, revenue reached $45 billion.
        IPTV investment opportunities in the enterprise
        MarketsandMarkets's research shows that, IPTV market the rapid rise is mainly due to the increasing integration of user IPTV service based on the demand of the consumers, eager to benefit from the interaction of multi screen video and enable the new convergence between services. In this context, the industry chain is facing investment opportunities.
        Mobile system vendor Ericsson announced today that it has reached an agreement with Microsoft, will buy the TV solution of Mediaroom business, the Microsoft Mediaroom has play a decisive role in the share of the global IPTV market, so after the completion of the acquisition Ericsson will launch a big offensive into the IPTV market, is expected to become the market leader.
        Has been in the IPTV market quietly domestic enterprises ZTE (market, inquiry) effort has been affirmed. ZTE and deliver innovative application of Jiangsu Telecom IPTV provide proposal won the 2013 TV Connect industry special awards -- "the multi screen business profit model of optimum route award". It is reported, ZTE and Jiangsu Telecom through joint establishment of large-scale networking and business innovation team, the rapid development of Jiangsu Telecom IPTV network and business, has played a positive role in promoting.
        Operators also go to all lengths to IPTV. China Telecom Guangdong company recently dropped charges, IPTV in the package fee is only 15 yuan / month, only 7 years ago launched iTV 1/12. The company is through large-scale promotional activities and lower installation cost customers, continue to occupy the market.
        In China, along with the evolution of network convergence, the radio and television industry and telecom industry play their respective advantages and have begun to bring new market evolution. Recently, local radio and television organizations and telecom operators representative attended the third session of the IPTV Industry Summit and made a full exchange, said to be together, to grasp the important strategic opportunity period for good IPTV development; to increase investment for sustainable development, IPTV provides powerful guarantee; to the more common and closely combined, the present development situation of faster convergence.
        Business innovation into the main short board
        Throughout the world, "triple play" is representing the general trend, and IPTV as the point of convergence, the healthy and orderly development is very important for the "triple play" appears. But in recent years, IPTV business is not a smooth road.
        In the United States, AT& T and Verizon IPTV providers; the number of users continues to grow, and cable TV subscribers are falling. Reportedly, the United States of America telecom operators are trying to use fiber broadband to improve IPTV service quality, but also through its Google enter this competition in Kansas City fiber pilot project. Although Google provide TV applications based on IP network to obtain the user's recognition, but the 40% registered Google paid IPTV service in Kansas City residents eventually to another company for IPTV service.
        According to the expert analysis, the main reason is the choice of small IPTV content of google. Visible, "the hard truth content is king" is still the increase of IPTV market.
        Compared with foreign, domestic IPTV development is more difficult. First of all, the operation license has been the Chinese IPTV operators cannot evasive problem. The domestic telecom operators do not have a IPTV content operation qualification, therefore only and won the national license partners, telecom operators is more focused on IPTV channel operation. Game policies and interests led to the emergence of the IPTV license awkward, constrained IPTV operators to flex its muscles. Secondly, there is a conflict of interest between broadcasting, an Internet Co, operators, how to find the balance point is the problem faced by IPTV. Once again, the telecom operators input on IPTV pay insufficient attention to the affiliated business. IPTV still belongs to telecom operators. Finally, the IPTV content in the variety, quality and other aspects have to be improved.
        BT fusion continuously explore in three. According to the British "Guardian" said, more than 1/5 of television viewers will communicate in Facebook or Twitter at the same time to watch TV. During the period of 2012 "super bowl" final, more than 5.4 million of the British audience sent a total of 12.2 million Twitter or comments on social media, including 1.2 million comments in discussing the events of television advertising. British Telecom in the triple play case can give Chinese enterprises learn. Three perfectly will give the market parties benefits, achieve win-win situation.
        Triple play a huge potential market, the market partys camp should not be limited to the immediate interests of the dispute, the essence of real convergence in terms of business innovation, development of three networks convergence may appear as an irresistible force.

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