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Outward Bound
        From the establishment of Cetron Network Technology Co.Ltd, we have been committed to create a healthy corporate culture, and also pay much attention on staff amateur cultural life. In order to set up team trust and cooperatio, strengthen employees sense of belonging as well as to provide a good chance for them to enjoy and feel their life, Cetron Network Technology Co.Ltd, a people-oriented company which starts from caring staff, is actively to organize staff development training activities so as to enhance enterprise cohesive affinity. In the future, we will always care staff, and adhere to the training of staff quality and promote upright spirit to reach the vigorous development. 
At the beginning of the activity, the training teacher is making a simple introduction, and then to lead us to do some warm-up activities.
Team projects
Beyond the self, melting the team.
A birthday party will relax all.
To unite. To walk through the canyon.

Leadship captioned, looking to the future.
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