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The working report of 2011 and the working plan of 2012
        Before the year of 2011 has dropped, Cetron held a working report and a working plan of 2012. All the department leaders made an analysis on work progress and achievements of the past year, and also made a further planning to establish correct guiding idea as well as leading all the staff to be more initiative. In order to celebrate the arrival of the New Year and also to thank colleagues accompany with the corporation, all staff participate in company annual meeting after the summary meeting. The annual meeting was not only set up a variety of games and programs enrich the staff life, but also set up the staff’s birthday party. Of course, the highlight of this annual meeting is the “Excellent staff" and" Outstanding team". We will enormously proud of one's success, solidarity, and create the future in the New Year!
The working report of 2011 and the working plan of 2012





Evening party


Excellent staff and nominated staff


Distinguished group



Birthday party






A sincere song"Tianlu"


The full Chorus -" Tomorrow will be better"


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